Soon to Launch Multi-Chain, User-Friendly Decentralized Perpetual Exchange, PerpeX, Supercharging CHO Token’s Utili Soon to Launch Multi-Chain, User-Friendly Decentralized Perpetual Exchange, PerpeX, Supercharging CHO Token’s Utility

By Mike Ermolaev | Various | 29 May 2024, a comprehensive ecosystem of enterprise-grade digital and crypto banking development solutions, is taking decentralized perpetual trading to new standards with the introduction of PerpeX, an all-in-one platform for trading crypto, stocks, metals, and Forex. 

Drawing on seven years of expertise in crafting crypto products and exchanges, acquiring over one million users, the team has channeled their knowledge into creating this user-friendly powerhouse. PerpeX seamlessly blends multiple integrations with unparalleled flexibility and efficiency, delivering a trading experience the market has never seen before. 

Vladimir Gorbunov, founder of, shared: ‘’PerpeX is a decentralized tool that significantly strengthens our Web3 initiatives. In the future, this product will feature AI support to assist with setting risk profiles and leverages, while also managing trades. Additionally, we are advancing towards cross-chain solutions.’’

In this article, we're giving you a rundown of all of the things the platform can do and the earning possibilities for traders that come with CHO, the token that makes everything in the ecosystem run smoothly.


What Exactly Sets PerpeX Apart?

In the current DEX landscape and trading platforms, capabilities are limited, unable to cater to users' comprehensive needs within a single ecosystem. According to, PerpeX offers everything active traders across all markets require: analytics, liquidity, and more, coupled with up to 1000x leverage. Here are some of the top features of this supercharged trading engine that make it so special.

Access to a Myriad of Markets 

Cryptocurrency, forex, metals, and stocks trading represent the markets with the highest transaction volumes. From large-cap cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum to small-cap coins such as Cardano and Chainlink, and from trading silver and gold to investing in NVIDIA stocks, PerpeX grants users access to unlimited markets. Moreover, PerpeX offers substantial leverage ranging from 200x to 1000x, enabling traders to control their positions and up their gains.

Yet, a feature that truly sets PerpeX apart from the rest is the access to synthetic markets users get with it. This feature enables using price oracles to create new markets and making trades based on various data points such as trading volume, historical volatility, ETH gas prices, and more. The oracle system is the most efficient way to aggregate prices from multiple resources and pick the most accurate ones, which ensures everything is reliable, fair and transparent.

Virtual Automated Market Maker 

PerpeX features a sophisticated algorithm capable of executing trades even in markets with limited trading activity. It enables continuous trading, minimizes slippage, and maximizes users' capital efficiency, among other capabilities. Unlike centralized exchange futures platforms, which typically cannot provide these features under one roof, PerpeX stands out by offering them for all coins, regardless of their liquidity. While some CEX platforms may offer similar features, they often prioritize the most liquid coins, whereas PerpeX extends these benefits to both major and less liquid assets.

The Best In Class Trading Tools 

PerpeX will offer all standard trading tools such as market and limit orders, as well as stop-loss options. On top of that, it will provide users with advanced order types and the tools needed to better manage their positions. This reduces the risk of random liquidations and gives users more control over their collateral, which can be increased or reduced automatically or manually by the user. These features significantly boost earning potential and make trading more seamless and efficient.

Supercharged Liquidity 

Making profits with PerpeX goes beyond trading. The platform aims to maximize liquidity by offering users the opportunity to participate in USDT staking pools. Although staking pools are nothing new, the distinctive feature here is that the APY on USDT will increase as PerpeX's pool and trading volume grow. Moreover, a portion of PerpeX's income will be distributed among participants in liquidity-boosting initiatives. 

Bear in mind that PerpeX's total market potential is projected to hit $100 trillion, and should this projection materialize, users could expect significant gains from the revenue-sharing initiatives.

Advanced Analytics 

Every trader needs a trade overview to monitor activity and set customizable alerts for price movements, order execution, and more. PerpeX includes a comprehensive back office that helps with risk management and ensures everything is running smoothly and profitably.

It's worth noting that PerpeX’s UI is second to none. It simplifies navigation by eliminating overly fancy and complicated designs, making the platform exceptionally user-friendly. The system is designed to minimize transaction fees, ensuring users maximize their earnings from every trade. Soon, a referral program will be announced, allowing early birds to invite other users and earn commissions each time someone signs up using their link.

Extra Forms of Earning for CHO Holders

As mentioned, CHO is the token powering the entire ecosystem. CHO holders have multiple ways to earn and benefit – via staking, VLT tokens, other airdrops, partner rewards, and more. And now, with PerpeX, additional earning opportunities are coming CHO holders' way. 

Not only will they earn through the revenue-sharing incentive as PerpeX revenue grows, but they can also earn by providing liquidity for CHO and receive up to a 50% discount on trading fees. Additional perks for CHO holders on the PerpeX platform include voting on key platform decisions and access to the latest features.

‘’Being developed by a dedicated team, our exchange will become a standard for one of the lowest gas fees in the market and will be integrated into the enterprise sector, aligning well with and marking a new direction for us. The CHO token will be deeply integrated into PerpeX, which will enhance its utility value‘’, Vladimir Gorbunov added. 



Plus, knowing that new benefits for holders and stakers are introduced on a regular basis, the demand for CHO is constantly on the rise. So, it is likely to grow not only as the official launch date approaches but also with each new announcement from the team, potentially well before the platform goes live.

Currently, the token is trading at around $0.07144, and both the community and the token price, along with trading volume, have reacted positively to the news of PerpeX's upcoming launch. If the token surpasses $0.075 and stronger resistance at $0.082 in light of this development, there is a high chance that it will reach $0.092, $0.097 or even higher by the time of the launch. 


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