I invested in Bitcoin the day before a dip. So now what?

My crypto investing strategy is Value Averaging, invested semi-monthly. I invest on the 2nd and 17th of the month, regardless of the price, but only buying enough to meet my strategy’s target value at that time. These are my rules, and so far I’ve stuck to them religiously.

So, following my rules, I bought some in Bitcoin yesterday 4/17, at a spot price of $60,727. Then I woke up this morning to see the price had dipped significantly. So now what? Hold strong and stick to the rules of my strategy, or take advantage of the dip and buy more?

After thinking it over, I decided to buy more at the current $54,881 spot price—but buying just enough to get my BTC wallet back up to my strategy’s target value.

So far I feel good about breaking the rules this time. Now I’ll go back to not checking the price or worrying about my portfolio until my next investment date of 5/2.

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Value Averaging Crypto
Value Averaging Crypto

Not following the daily ups and down. I'm in it for the long haul

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