Symbiosis neurosis: A crypto poem

By VaKnow22 | VaKnow22/crypto | 22 Mar 2022

Symbiosis Neurosis

Welcome to the ‘Crypto Game’,

A world where Doge,

Is a name,

Of a crypto coin of fame.


There is over two thousand,

Types of tokens,

In your hand,

Half of them will end up canned.


But of the half which are good,

Bitcoin, Ether,

Two you could,

Give away like Robin Hood.


If you’d rather the firm hold,

Biding your time,

‘Til they’re sold,

You now own some crypto gold.

Whether you hold, or you sell,

“Where can I trade?”,

You will yell,

With no exchange, it is hell.


Luckily, for crypto folk,

There’s an answer,

It’s no joke,

Theres no mirrors, and no smoke.


The exchange? Symbiosis,

It will grow,

Like mitosis,

Now we learn by osmosis.


Rhyming aside, it’s so cool,

That we now,

Can use this tool,

With a liquidity pool.

Pick any coin or token, 

You won’t be-

Come heartbroken.

It'll work, like magic spoken.


With one exchange, you proceed

To trade coins,

At great speed,

Symbiosis sets you free!


(Not financial advice, it’s not even a good poem!)

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I’m a beginner to the crypto world. I want to write about my crypto journey and intertwine that my passions, namely sports - ice hockey/rugby, healthcare (I’m a nurse), bluegrass banjo and a bit about where I’m from - Wales.


Watch as I take the first steps into the unknown world of Crypto. If nothing else, you can learn from the mistakes I will ultimately make.

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