Utopia Ecosystem | Features and Advantages Over Others

Utopia Ecosystem | Features and Advantages Over Others

By Ali Ahmad | Utopia Keeper | 2 Nov 2019

As we know, Utopia is a Decentralized and Secure P2P Ecosystem. This line defines that it is very secure and the power of decentralization allows us to message securely. Where we can communicate securely we can also enjoy the secure and anonymous transaction. In this article, we will discuss benefits features over other messenger platforms. Before we start, just take an example! If we are doing something serious or anything that not allowed like crypto transactions are restricted in some countries and IP ban it throughout. Somehow, maybe your data given to agencies and law forces. But Utopia will never disclose your information even it will not ask you your name even.

Features of Utopia Ecosystem:

  • We can chat to friends and strangers without giving any personal data.
  • Everything and our data will be kept in a secure server.
  • There is not a single chance of failure.
  • If there is some failure then our data will not lost or compromised.
  • If one node stops working then our communication and mining will not stop anymore.
  • We can earn Crypton while being online.
  • Mining of Crypton will never slow our PC.
  • All our transaction data will safe and secured.
  • There are multiple ways of sending and receiving money with Crypton.
  • There is uMail which is an anonymous email feature.
  • Idyll Browser is an anonymous browser of Utopia Network.
  • There is no effect of Internet censorship boards on the Utopia Network.


These are some features, I have no words to explain the greatness of this project. This all credits goes to 1984 Group and Effort of Beta Testers who make a wothy project for us.

Ali Ahmad
Ali Ahmad

Technology Developer

Utopia Keeper
Utopia Keeper

This blog is for Utopia ecosystem and everything will be at Utopia will discussed here.

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