I Strip on the Weekends

By uthus2000 | uthus2000 | 14 Jul 2019

About a year ago one of my Granddaughters asked me if I were going to strip that day. I was kind of horrified, but realized that that was was all that she'd ever heard me call what I did in the barn especially on the weekends.

Being an electrician by trade, I bring home scrap. There's no need to throw away something that has real value like scrap wire. 

If the wire is 10' or longer, I roll it up and keep it to use some place later to make short runs between boxes or lights. Everything else I take home and into the basement it goes. That's where my mechanical stripper is mounted to part of my foundation.

I usually wash clothes on Saturdays and I have nothing to do while I'm waiting on the washer. (We have one of those apartment over and under deals and I can either run the washer or dryer but not both. It's a 120VAC unit not a 120/240 like some I've seen.) I strip wire while I'm waiting.

When the washer's done, I throw the clothes in the dryer and find something else to do until the clothes are dry. I'll do this several times during the day.

Depending on the jobs I've had during the week I may have a little wire or a lot. Rough-ins, new services and new houses are where I get most of my wire. 

This week we were roughing-in a new house. I brought home probably 20 pounds of wire. This may strip out to 10 pounds. Copper has been running between $2.30 and $2.50 lately so that's $23 - $25 of free money. I know it's not a lot, but I haven't turned any in in quite some time.

I figure I've got over 150 pounds right now. That I intend to put toward crypto. 

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