Electricians' Nightmares

By uthus2000 | uthus2000 | 18 Aug 2019

Occasionally I go into houses and find things that are nightmarish - not because they scare me for what they are but what they could have done.

Recently I was doing some work for a guy who was flipping a house. Most of the things were normal. I just had to install switches, receptacles, fixtures and fans. I also had to add a few new circuits.

I found this receptacle in the hallway. You can see a prong broken off a cord still in the neutral side. Whatever was plugged into the top receptacle clearly overheated and melted the plastic of the device.



This is a side view of the neutral wire. There was so much current going through the neutral that it melted the copper and welded the wire to the device.


If you have a receptacle that needs to be replaced, for the love of Pete, put the wires under the terminal screws and don't stab the wires in the back of the device as this had been done. 

I'll post more of these gems as I find them.

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