Dry wallers (sigh)

Dry wallers (sigh)

By uthus2000 | uthus2000 | 13 Jun 2020

There are times when I despise working behind other trades - particularly dry wallers.

Occasionally we will have to move wires because of a plumber but they have less flexibility in where pipes go. Looking at the prints and a little forethought tends to circumvent this somewhat.

We have to move wires for carpenters and HVAC installers once in a while too. Those are usually due to bad prints.

I have to concede that one dry wall company we followed had their act together. They measured for the receptacles, switches, cans, e.t.c., and did their cuts before hanging and everything fit perfectly. They were the exception, not the rule.

Typically hangers put the wall up and run a router inside the boxes to cut them out. A lot of times the routers are set too deep and mangle our wires. Other times the boxes are never cut out and we have to find them.

The house that I've been working on the last few days has had several hidden boxes: 4 receptacles, a vanity light box and of all things a bathroom fan.

They (or someone) have cut some of our low voltage (LV) wires. In two places they have pinched our LV.




Here the LV comes up from the bottom of the box. For some reason the wire was pulled out through the back then over to the right and back into the box. I couldn't pull it back out because the running end is pinched between the stud and the dry wall.




These two wires have clearly been hit. The white one is scarred up. The blue one is broken.




The finish carpenter put this baseboard on and didn't take the time to move the wire. I clipped out and left about six inches hanging out.

I have to wonder if these people are that rushed or if they have no pride in their work.

Just my thoughts.

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