A car crash I witnessed

By uthus2000 | uthus2000 | 13 Jul 2020

I was working for a local delivery company a few years ago and had to go to St Louis twice a day.

Depending on where I was, a lot of the time I would take I-70 down and pick up I-64 east.

This particular day I was headed south about 10:30 or 11. I was somewhere near Adelaide and traveling in the middle lane.

I looked in my left mirror and saw a car slaloming through traffic behind me and to my left.

Right after he passed me, he lost control, hit the wall and then three other vehicles before he slid all the way over to the right shoulder pointed in the wrong direction.

I stopped, made sure everyone was ok and then proceeded on my route.

It was a kid. Probably driving his parent's car. It was an older car that appeared to have been in good shape. It wasn't some rinky dink import but a big, solid land yacht.




5 minute freewrite challenge. Promptย car crash

Note:ย The van above is mine. This is what happens when you hit a deer in a van or truck. A car would have been totally destroyed.

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