Solar Wallet by SatoshiPay

Solar Wallet by SatoshiPay

By LukasM | UseStellar | 6 Apr 2020

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This post is my first review of the Solar wallet for the Stellar network by SatoshiPay.

Disclaimer: Solar wallet is my primary Stellar wallet. Despite any cons I may list, the pros have greatly outweighed them. No exchange of value has been made to encourage this review. 

Solar Wallet by SatoshiPay: Solar wallet is your one-stop wallet for everything you need to do in Stellar (minus perhaps path payments.) It is a software wallet available on Android and IOS through the respective app stores for FREE. It allows you to import private keys. 

Solar Wallet Pros

Solar wallet can manage multiple address/accounts, add and subtract trustlines (allowing you to hold any token on the Stellar network), and it connects to the Stellar Decentralized Exchange (SDEX), where you can trade tokens from your wallet. It has mutli-sig capabilities and has SEP-6 integrated. SEP-6 is the most exciting feature. What this allows you to do is this:

A person can access their Stellar account in Solar wallet, and choose 'deposit'. A user will need to have a trustline created ahead of time. For this example, lets use the ERC-20 token BAT, anchored on Stellar by Papaya/ The user selects the token they would like to convert to Stellar, BAT in this instance. The next screen gives the user an overview of fees and minimum deposit amounts associated with that transaction. The screen after that gives the user a deposit address, an Ethereum address in this case, a blank to enter the intended deposit amount, and forecasts how long the transaction will take to complete. Final step, send ERC-20 BAT tokens to the assigned Ethereum address, and will exchange them for Stellar BAT tokens, anchored by Papaya. You can now send and receive these Stellar BAT tokens at a fraction of a penny, trade them for BTC, LTC, XRP, XLM, AnchorUSD, etc. on the SDEX, or withdraw them through the SEP-6 protocol and will send you ERC-20 BAT tokens for your Stellar BAT tokens. 

Solar Wallet Cons

The cons I have with the Solar wallet are mostly user interface related. This reminds me of an old Seinfeld episode, where Elaine is comparing the female body to the male body. They were on the discuss of nakedness, and Elaine elaborates,  "the female body is a... work of art. The male body is
utilitarian, it's for gettin' around, like a jeep."

That describes Solar wallet in its current form. Its not the prettiest interface, but it is a solid app, with the features I need from a software crypto currency wallet. The interface won't win any MUX awards, but be patient...Rome wasn't build in a day!

Other cons are also UIX related. I occasionally run into user interface slowness and sometimes token icons fail to load or appear "broken" but I have encountered very little app crashes. The slowness and visual aspects may be on my cell phone and not related to the experience most are having. 

Final Thoughts

Overall, i love the features Solar wallet offers. I do hope path payments are on the way. After path payments are integrated, SatoshiPay should continue to tighten up this solid app and direct their focus on making it prettier. 

Note: I have tested the Solar wallet for a few months, six I believe. I also have Lobstr, Litemint, Keybase, Stellarport, and StellarX wallets installed and have Lumens on a Ledger Nano S. As I mentioned before, Solar is my go-to Stellar app. 

Thank you for reading and have a "Stellar" day! - Lukas 





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