The Beginning of Forever

By LuxFerre | Urban Poetry | 22 Jul 2022

It started with a simple greeting though odd as it may have seemed

We talked and laughed and enjoyed our meeting and it all felt like a dream

You made me forget that I was breathing and breathless I may have been

Every moment with you was filled with laughter, to the point it hurt my spleen


The first time you sent me your photo you were surely shy

I told you, "You're beautiful." and you thought that was a lie

And then you called me on the phone and I consoled you while you cried

It hurt my heart to hear your pain, it left me thinking why


Who would hurt a soul like yours, you're like the sweetest being

And why'd the world place you in those undesired scenes

Why wasn't I around could I have taken you away

Could I have showed you a better life if we had met a former day


It's been but a while yet it it feels like we've known each other forever

We haven't even reached the peak or gone through storms we'll need to weather

The road ahead can come with many bumps for worse and better

And I hope you feel the weight in gold with the words up in this letter


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Poet, song writer, novelist. I value family and spirit more than most worldly possessions. Feel free to search me up! -Saleh Mo

Urban Poetry
Urban Poetry

Hi! Welcome to my collection of poems! I am Saleh Mo, a young urban poet who uses poetry to express the inner most parts of myself. As an expressive being I have goals to connect with others on a metaphysical level and strum the heartstrings of my fellow people. I use poetry as a medium to achieve those goals!

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