Over Me

By LuxFerre | Urban Poetry | 24 Jul 2022

Over me


She makes me feel bubbly

Like there’s something brewing in my belly

Or butterflies fluttering

A single droplet of her causes waves and commotion within me

I wonder what this feeling could be.


Shall I devote myself to the joy she brings

It’s euphoric and I’m incomplete

I’m curious as to what she could be

To have such a control over me


Her smile consoles me As her fingers brush mine

And my heart beats faster when she leans in

Behold, a goddess with a flawless design

Leaving me to wonder, “I must be dreaming


A dream, if it is, I would never want to wake

A dream in which this feeling would never go away

A feeling so real even if it is a dream

The warmth that I feel could never be fake.

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Poet, song writer, novelist. I value family and spirit more than most worldly possessions. Feel free to search me up! -Saleh Mo

Urban Poetry
Urban Poetry

Hi! Welcome to my collection of poems! I am Saleh Mo, a young urban poet who uses poetry to express the inner most parts of myself. As an expressive being I have goals to connect with others on a metaphysical level and strum the heartstrings of my fellow people. I use poetry as a medium to achieve those goals!

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