UpliftDAO.com Resource & Educational Social Hub 1.0 Launch Is Here!

UpliftDAO.com Resource & Educational Social Hub 1.0 Launch Is Here!

By Upliftnation.io | UpliftDAO.com | 12 Apr 2020

Hello everyone, and welcome to UpliftDAO!

It’s been a long time coming, but UN is proud to invite you to a better way to interact with those of like mindedness on our new UpliftDAO.com social site. For those of you that has always thought of making the world a better place but just were not sure how, this site is for you.

Essentially the premise is simple. Create an account, log in, and get to posting. We are looking for post that enable those around the world to do and become better. It’s an educational hub with a focus on creating skill based knowledge posts that will teach something to all those who care to learn. It’s not that we don’t value ideological knowledge, as we really do, but being as so many platforms – many of which we love for their ambition – already focus on just that.  In that regard we are deciding to take a little different route. UpliftDAO then is the place to be if you have any kind of practical skill worth teaching whether it be via blogs, vlogs, photos, animations, or even artwork and comics.  Feel free to write us something new or to drop in something published previously elsewhere.  The only thing that we ask is that you properly give credit where credit is due if what you are sharing is not your own.

If you have something to teach that will empower others in a meaningful way then please do share here with us. It really does not matter whether you are an individual or a corporation, a lone wolf or member of larger community, a technician or an artist, if its something of value that you can give to boost the mind, body, or soul of others, this is the place for you.

Some general ideas to get you rolling – gardening or agricultural tutorials, planting guides, blockchain and crypto user tutorials, lessons in music or arts, home cooking or food preservation recipes, technology or computer tutorials, sewing or woodworking DIY designs, green energy or conservation education, small business or entrepreneurship, construction and landscaping guides, ecology and sustainability guidance, and pretty much anything that you can think of that people may get something out of to improve their mental and physical well being. Put your knowledge and process out there in a way for others to learn and empower not only themselves, but those around them.

With your help we are aiming to amass a plethora of data from all walks of life that will assist others in advancing their knowledge and bringing about change this world and many within it so sorely need.  So whether you are a content creator looking to spread your knowledge far and wide or someone who wishes to learn and interact with others of like mindfulness, we are excited to have you here with us on this journey towards shifting the paradigm towards the building of a knowledge base to uplift and empower the many.

In addition, if you have not already caught it be sure to check out our other post outlining in both video and textual form what is new with Upliftnation.io and UpliftDAO.com.

Uplift Nation Community Launch @UpliftDAO.co


To learn more about UpliftNation and where we are headed with our mission and goals, have a gander at Upliftnation.io.

For more on the current UpliftDao trustees, check out their profiles on UpliftDACFactory.

Join us in the UpliftNation Community Telegram Channel and let us know what you think or any ideas you may have.

Register for UpliftDAO.com as an author and create some content of value on our Educational and Resource Hub.

Introduce the community to a charity or cause that you feel passionate about by creating a Charitable Causes & Proposals post.

Donate to a future cause in a variety of crypto assets simply and easily by adding to one of our many funding arms:

  • EOS or EOS Blockchain Tokens: upliftnation OR upliftdonate
  • WAX or Wax based Tokens: upliftnation
  • TELOS or TELOS based Tokens: upliftnation
  • BOS or BOSCore based Tokens: upliftnation
  • BEOS or BEOS based Tokens: upliftnation
  • Bitshares or Bitshare based Tokens: upliftnation
  • MeetOne or MeetOne based Tokens: upliftnatn.m
  • BITCOIN: 1n38ouo3Q2dJ9vhwA1mmnHTdYMzJe98xN
  • Ethereum or ETH based Tokens: Upliftnation.eth OR 0x62079Ba9cd8A6420fd1857680Fd203E8e4652213


*Originally Published by The Uplifter here @UpliftDAO.com


Uplift Nation is a transparent charitable foun-dao-tion built on the EOS Blockchain with the mission to empower and strengthen communities globally.


Brought to you by UpliftNation.io, UpliftDAO is the community social and educational hub of Uplift Nation.

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