How To Get an EOS Account

How To Get an EOS Account

By | | 18 Apr 2020

There are multiple ways to get an EOS account. In this post then we will outline some of the easiest ways in which to do so. But first just a quick recap of EOSIO software and what separates it from some of the other blockchains in the space.

For those unaware, likely the largest difference between EOS accounts and those on many other blockchains is the fact that EOSIO utilizes the staking of resources for network usage instead of paying for every individual transaction cost. In simple terms then, in order have an EOS account that is usable it is necessary to have EOS within the account staked to CPU, NET, and RAM. Unlike other blockchains where you can just create a ‘free’ account, you do have to ‘pay’ a very small amount to be able to obtain these resources. The trade off however is, once you have some resources staked you will never have to pay for transaction costs to use the account.

Of course EOSIO consists of multiple blockchains beyond the EOS mainnet (Worbli, WAX, TELOS, BOSCORE, MEET.ONE, etc.), which although all built utilizing the same code, structured a little differently when it comes to resource management. For the purposes of this post we will only be looking at creating an EOS mainnet account, but before we move on it’s important to note that some of these other blockchains such as WORBLI and WAX do stake resources for their users meaning accounts on these chains do not have to be paid for. But more on that at a future time.

Although there are multiple ways to get an EOS account, this tutorial will focus on 3 main wallet providers in the EOS space: WombatTokenPocket, and Meet.One.


Wombat Wallet

The Wombat wallet ( is one of the only options that allows the creation of a FREE EOS account. The catch-22 here is that by utilizing the ‘free account method’ you will not be granted access to your private keys. Of course, Wombat does offer the option to pay a small fee and have the keys released to your full control. This will be necessary should you ever want to import your account into a desktop wallet such as Scatter.

The registration process is very simple. Start by downloading the app. From there you can create an account by logging into the app with Google, Facebook, or Twitter and agreeing to the Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy.

Next you will need to select your backup location. This way should you loose your device you can recreate and access your account via Google Drive or Dropbox backup file within only your control.

Next you will need to choose a PIN to protect your account. Of course it is the modern age so should you prefer you can opt for a fingerprint or facial recognition ID for this step.

The final step is to choose an EOS account name. The account name must be 12 characters (letters, the numbers 1-5, or the . mark). Once you have chosen a name for your account you will get an the spot verification as to whether the name is available or not much like when you register for a new email account address. And that then will get you your free EOS account with some EOS resources covered for your day to day transactions.

For some however, you may wish to download and keep your private key. Although Wombat offers free and easy account creation, in order to gain access to this private key you have a couple of options: purchase access to the private key with a one time payment or to register for Wombat Prime for increased staked EOS and an add free viewing experience, to which at the end of a six month period with a small monthly fee the private key will be completely within your control.


Getting Started with Wombat


As one of the more popular wallets on EOS, TokenPocket provides a very streamlined and easy to navigate method for creating an account on EOS. Simply download the TokenPocket Mobile or Desktop from the TokenPocket homepage ( and follow the steps below.

Step 1: Create an EOS account (Mobile)

On the Discover tab at the bottom find and open Create Account

Alternatively you can navigate to the Me tab in the bottom right, select Manage Wallets from the menu, click on the + mark in the top left of the EOS section, and choose the Email/Phone option.

Choose your where to receive your code & payment method. Fill in the relevant details.

Choose an Account Name, strong Password, enter the Activation Code, and agree to the Terms of Service & other notations at the bottom of the screen.

Step 2: Save Your Private Key

To save your private key navigate to the Me tab in the bottom right, select Manage Wallets from the menu, tap on the wallet you wish to access, click on Export Private Key, verify your password, copy the private key text or select QR Code to copy or print.

DO NOT send this code over any network, as if the network is compromised then you put your account at risk of being hacked or stolen. When saving the Private Key it’s best to save it offline in a document that is password protected and encrypted. If printing, connect your device directly to your printer and keep the hard copy in a secure and safe place upon completion. See Important Notes for Securing Your Private Key at the end of this post for further details.

Step 3: Top up or buy EOS

EOS account names are unique and act as the address to which to send funds to. Therefore in order to send funds to your account you can just copy and paste the address of your wallet. In the case above that would be ‘frz5ewuncwyg‘. Should you want to send funds to UpliftNation for example, you would send them to the the address upliftnation. Please note that only EOS mainnet tokens are accepted into this address. Sending other tokens like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Worbli, or WAX will likely result in a loss of funds so do be careful.

In the case of EOS, it can be purchased on the majority of major exchanges. Some of the most popular exchanges are BinanceCoinbaseKuCoin, and Huobi should you need somewhere to begin. All of these exchanges allow the purchasing of EOS and other cryptos with fiat, so it’s relatively simple to begin.

Step 4 (optional): Enable the Forget Mode 

Depending upon the amount of network congestion will depend upon the amount of CPU and NET that is needed to transact with the wallet. TokenPocket does however offer a solution to this as opposed to requiring users to have to stake their own EOS to be able to transact. For those using TokenPocket as their main wallet for dApps on the EOS mainnet, using the Forget Mode within the TokenPocket wallet will allow you to pay a small fee to gain unlimited access to the network without having to buy and stake your own EOS. For the process please see below.

  1. Tap the lighting button on the top right of the wallet home page to enter the [Forget Mode]. Users can use EOS or TPT to purchase CPU resources. After the mode is turned on, the CPU consumed by all the operations in the dapps will be paid by TokenPocket.
  2. The Forget Mode will support all the actions on the wallet like token transfer, in the current beta version, it only supports the actions that were made in dapps.
  3. Users can go to [Bloks] on TokenPocket and tap the [Wallet] to transfer tokens (or open on the dapp browser of TokenPocket) if you need to transfer tokens on Tokenpocket, in this case, Forget Mode can will cover the CPU cost for you.



How to Create an EOS Account and Turn on Forget Mode

Register with Email/Phone Number



Another very popular wallet in the space is Meet.One. The process of creating an EOS account on Meet.One is similar to that of TokenPocket, although there are some slight differences so we will outline it here should you choose this option.

Step 1: Download MEET.ONE Wallet

The wallet is available for Android ( and iOS. For the iOS Meet.One Pro version you will need to pre-install testflight ( This is recommended as it allows for support of more features such as dApps and DEX compatibility. For instructions on downloading Meet.One Pro simultaneously with testflight please see the official Meet.One Pro Installation Tutorial (

Step 2: Create an EOS Account

After installing the app, go to Get EOS Wallet, input account name and password.

The general account has 12 characters. While .m account has 11 characters and ends with .m, supporting upper and lower case letter a-z, number 1- 5)

For those that choose to register a .m account, a free MEET.ONE Chain account with the same name will also be created.


Next, you need to Purchase invitation Code with PayPal. Should you wish to do this in advance the link is


Enter the Invite Code and choose Pay and Create Wallet.


Step 3: Save Your Private Key

It is very important that you Save your Private Key. If you do not and you loose access to your wallet somehow you will not be able to get any funds that are stored within that account.


MEET.ONE account private key represents the ownership of the account. Once lost, it won’t get back. So please copy and save private key accurately (the upper and lower letters should be distinguished).

As seen in the image below, the private key can be saved in both text or QR code formats. Please note that for the QR code format, a password is required to decode into the private key.



Quickstart Guide for Meet.One Wallet

How to Create an EOS Account

IMPORTANT Notes on Securing the Private Key

Do not use an unsafe way to save and store your private key. Transmitting this key on a network or saving it in a screenshot could leave your account open to getting hacked or stolen. A private key represents ownership of the account. Once lost or changed, your account and thereby the funds stored within it will not be accessible, so please be sure to take the utmost care in saving, storing, and keeping the private key safe away from the view of anyone else. Should anyone ever request access to your private key for any account do not comply under any circumstances. It is not necessary for anyone to know your private key EVER. Giving access to this is dangerous and will almost always result in the loss of all the funds stored within your wallet.

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