UpliftArt Content Competition: It’s Time to Teach the World what #CreativePhilanthropy is all About!!

By Jimmy D | UpliftArt | 10 Nov 2020

In light of the fast approaching release of the `I’m Not the Bubble` Series One November 15th event, we thought that it would be a good idea to allocate some of the prequel community drop crates towards a content competition of sorts for those willing to help spread the word about Uplift.Art and Upliftnation.io.  So, with brief pleasantries out of the way, let us dive into the goods.  

It’ll be a simple one really, but essentially we are looking for content related to the history and mission of Upliftnation.io as well as how Uplift.Art will help in the achieving of this mission. Of course feel free to embellish in any way that you wish, both in terms of media style and content.  We are after all focused on #CreativePhilanthropy so although we appreciate the run of the mill educational awareness piece as much as the rest, we also really love when people envelop their inner creativity when giving others the low down on what we are all about.  So, should you feel it is within your inner super power to write a thorough piece in a traditional sense, then by all means go for it – but should you be a poet, a singer/songwriter, or amateur videographer, please do bring that to the table.  There are really no rules other than to bring it!!

Of course, even as much as we believe that rules have the ability to hinder creativity, we do need to implement some simple guidelines in order to find a level of eligibility.  So here goes…

Whatever medium of content you choose, you need to post it to at least one traditional blockchain or non blockchain social site (Medium, Voice, Discussions App, Trybe.one, Decentium, Publish0x, Minds.com, Uptrend.com, Hive/PeakD, Steemit, etc. ).  In fact, should you post it to more than one that would be great, and we will even offer some bonus points to those that do so.  

Also we ask that whatever your submission that it be done in English, as we really don’t have the ability to sufficiently understand the content in many other languages, so to keep it simple we will ask that you use English as a medium of communication for this one.  That does not however mean that only native speakers will be successful, as we value diversity and will not hold small inconsistencies in Language against you.  

We will also award extra consideration for those who post these primary articles in any or all of the following places:

Chirp: post in #UpliftArt 

Discussions App: post in #UpliftNation

Twitter: Tag @upliftart@upliftnation#CreativePhilanthropy and #TheMintSprint

As for the other details, 

Timeline: All submissions must be in by 11:59 pm EST November 14th, 2020

Prizes: 10 Community Crates to be distributed at our discretion 

How to Submit your Entry

When all of your posts are complete and links dropped on other sites listed above, please complete the following form with all of your details.  

UpliftArt Series One Content Competition Submission Form

We will tally the results on the 15th and send the crates out before the ‘I’m Not the Bubble’ Series One main event kicks off later that day.

So whether you feel it in your grasp to compile a traditional formal post, compose a ballad and put it to some music (in much the same manner as I’m Not the Bubble was born in fact), or even veer way beyond the traditional creative fray and put your illustrator and story-telling prowess to work in an The Uplifter superhero comic per se, we shall wait with open arms for all the creative that you can muster in the coming days to compile and display. 

Of course, depending upon the number and qualities of entries which happen to roll in, it is hard to say what exactly you may win.  But in the end do remember  the main goal of Upliftnation and UpliftArt, is nothing short of working with charity to help do our part.  And we hope sincerely that you will see, this new model we have pioneered can truly be, a win-win for all those involved, from artist to collector to those less fortunate whose problems we strive to solve.


Uplift.art works in association with Upliftnation.io. Although the idea of NFT’s, music, and art excites us enough to have pioneered the first ever music video on the blockchain and in association with Atomic Assets, a whole new NFT distribution model with pre-minted assets in crates and the #TheMintSprint burn to upgrade gamification mechanic, we are also passionate about utilizing blockchain accountability and transparency towards assisting charities and the less fortunate with #CreativePhilanthropy

You can find more about this endeavor, Uplift Nation’s mission, and how it all began at Upliftnation.io.

As this event has pledged to give quite a large portion of the proceeds from this event to our non profit charitable partner Haitian Roots, you can learn more about the need and plan for these funds by watching the Is Today The day I Get To Eat? Full Chareyl Moyes From Haitian Roots Interview.

You can also find a variety of articles and videos on our present media outlet UpliftDao.com, including but not limited to the following content revolving around the ‘I’m Not the Bubble’ Series One Drop to which these memes are targeted towards:

Finally, to learn more about what is going on with Uplift.art and Upliftnation you can check out the following resource pages. While you are there why why not give us a follow, shoot us a like, and hit that subscribe button to keep us on your radar and you up to date. our socials or reach out to us in our telegram channels should you have any questions or inquiries.



The Uplifter

*Check out the original published by the same author at https://upliftdao.com/upliftart-content-competition-its-time-to-teach-the-world-what-creativephilanthropy-is-all-about/

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Jimmy D
Jimmy D

Philosopher, historian, educator, permaculturalist, writer, podcast and video host, and crypto/blockchain enthusiast.


Uplift.Art works in association with Upliftnation.io to bring about digital artwork in the name charity. Uplift.Art pioneered the first full length music video on the blockchain and is consistently working towards engaging with artists, the community, and charities around the world in order to help facilitate a better tomorrow and win-win-win for all involved.

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