Prepare for UpliftArt's Revolutionary 11.15.2020 Series One Drop

By Jimmy D | UpliftArt | 5 Nov 2020

Community crates containing pre-minted randomized NFTs that you can get awarded and dropped by the uplift community! Share this video on twitter, tag @anyobservation and @upliftart with the hashtag #TheMintSprint and you have a chance of getting some crates!

Uplift Art is a division of Uplift Nation a US based non-profit which operates as a DAC and finances it’s operation by creating and selling digital art (NFTs) through which enables them to direct 100% of future donations directly to the cause.


For more about this collection check out

Don’t forget to sign up for the email list at Uplift.Art and hold onto the genesis keys of ‘My Bitcoin Bull VB’ and ‘The Serpent and the snake to be eligible for Random Drops of Goodness from this event and many going forward.  And don’t worry if you missed the first event, as these are still available on the Atomic Assets secondary UpliftArt market.

To be eligible all you need is a WAX account and some WAX in your wallet.  You can easily register for a WAX account by visiting the WAX Cloud wallet at

And remember, 50% of all proceeds goes to charity and for this one Upliftnation has specifically partnered with Haitian Roots in an effort to help relive some of the stress with the break down of supply chains to to the recent global pandemic lockdown.

Special thanks to Anyobservation for helping to keep the NFT community informed about the ongoings of UpliftArt and so much more happening on and on others. For more do check out, like, and subscribe to Anyobservation in the following places:

Anyobservation Experience Podcast:

Uplift Nation is a transparent blockchain network of non-profit organizations with a common goal to deliver the tools, education and resources that will help empower communities to become healthy, self-reliant and sustainable. UpliftDAO is the beginning phases of the social arm and UpliftArt the transparent support arm for all that Upliftnation is striving to enable and become.


The Uplifter

*This post was reposted from the original here written by the same author of this blog for educational and promotional purposes.  Your support of both Upliftnation and UpliftArt are greatly appreciated. 

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Jimmy D
Jimmy D

Philosopher, historian, educator, permaculturalist, writer, podcast and video host, and crypto/blockchain enthusiast.


Uplift.Art works in association with to bring about digital artwork in the name charity. Uplift.Art pioneered the first full length music video on the blockchain and is consistently working towards engaging with artists, the community, and charities around the world in order to help facilitate a better tomorrow and win-win-win for all involved.

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