NFT History Being Made Again! UpliftArt New Model, New Music Video, & New Singer Corey Cottrell Debuts for Series I Drop

By Jimmy D | UpliftArt | 2 Nov 2020

In anticipation of the the release of the second UpliftArt event on WAX, we wanted to share with you the complete full version of Corey Cottrell’s remix of My Bitcoin Bull with a completely new sound and vibe you surely don’t want to miss.

As for how all this will work, well, that is almost as mind blowingly unique as what is featured above.

To be eligible all you need is a WAX account and some WAX in your wallet.  You can easily register for a WAX account by visiting the WAX Cloud wallet at

Participation will be through the purchase of boxes containing either 6 or 20 cards.  The full details will be released soon but the gist is that by collecting all 25 cards in the series for any of the 6 levels will allow the user to burn these in exchange for minting a complete version of the video.


It is an innovative approach as all cards within the packs are pre-minted except for the cards at the top containing the full music videos which are minted on demand to the first of the collectors to complete the base set.  The collections come in black and white common, uncommon, collectors edition, rare collectors edition, epic, and legendary for the series each with a differing variation of the ‘I’m Not the Bubble’ music video featured above.  In addition there is also a mythic series whereby burning 10 cards of any series will reward a random mint from the collection higher with a chance to win a mythic card from the collection. Although this might all sound a little confusing, do keep your eyes peeled on the channels listed below to get the most up to date and latest details.

And remember, 50% of all proceeds goes to charity and for this one Upliftnation has specifically partnered with Haitian Roots in an effort to help relive some of the stress with the break down of supply chains to to the recent global pandemic lockdown.

Don’t forget to sign up for the email list at Uplift.Art and hold onto the genesis keys of ‘My Bitcoin Bull VB’ and ‘The Serpent and the snake to be eligible for Random Drops of Goodness from this event and many going forward.  And don’t worry if you missed the first event, as these are still available on the Atomic Assets secondary UpliftArt market.


Also be sure to check out all these details and more on the second half of EOSIO Weekly with Corey Cottrell & Jimmy D October 29th, 2020 edition featuring special guest mBlu from UpliftArt,  and of course check in on future installments of the EOSIO WeeklyChirpcast, and mBlu Crypto for more updates along the way.


To learn more about and keep updated with what is going on with and Upliftnation please follow, like, and subscribe to the links above or reach out to us in our telegram channels should you have any questions.


The Uplifter 

*This post was reposted from the original here written by the same author of this blog for educational and promotional purposes.  Your support of both Upliftnation and UpliftArt are greatly appreciated.  

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Jimmy D
Jimmy D

Philosopher, historian, educator, permaculturalist, writer, podcast and video host, and crypto/blockchain enthusiast.


Uplift.Art works in association with to bring about digital artwork in the name charity. Uplift.Art pioneered the first full length music video on the blockchain and is consistently working towards engaging with artists, the community, and charities around the world in order to help facilitate a better tomorrow and win-win-win for all involved.

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