Upland’s Economy

I’ve had some conversation with some Uplanders lately and I see that many are frustrated because of the lack of liquidation. I have asked them why they don’t have as many UPXs in reserved as they used to and I usually get the same answers. They can’t get liquidity because they can’t do collection swaps, because they can’t sell properties for a high margin or because the secondary market is slow. This lack of liquidity is making many players not be as active in the game as before.

I have asked these players if they have changed their strategy and many say that they haven’t or they just want things to go back to the way they were, before all these changes. I always tell players that they need to be ready to change their strategy way before the mechanics of the game change. Upland informed us of their plans of making it a little more difficult to make swaps every day, the reduction of monthly earnings for our properties, and the stress on the secondary market in Manhattan.

Players should’ve taken the time to adjust their strategy and be ready for these changes. Unfortunately, many of these players got spoiled with quick flips, collection swaps, and FOMO from other players.

I started playing back in July of 2020 and I remember the secondary market being slow, 50/50 swaps were not a thing, and cities took weeks or months to sell out.

After LA, I understood that I needed to change my strategy after seeing many players spend all of their UPX in LA. I stopped spending all my UPX during each city opening, now I buy between 10 – 15 properties at each city opening and I call it quits. It was hard for me to change my spending habits, now I have about 600K UPX in liquidity, ready to be used for the new city, to purchase ornaments, and to invest in MetaMotors.

We as Uplanders need to change with the economy, most of us want the game to succeed, I’m not looking to become rich in a few months (it would be nice), I don’t want Upland to crash like the crypto markets. It takes time to come up with new strategies every few months, but I believe that players that are able to adapt to these constant changes, in 3 to 5 years these players will be the ones to successfully make it in the metaverse.

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Upland's Metaverse
Upland's Metaverse

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