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Now Boarding: Come Fly🛫 with Me into the Metaverse Known as Upland🛩

By Tavio_Cryptowriter | UplandPublish0x | 17 Feb 2021




Aug. 20th, 2020

  "Man if this plane doesn't land, NYC is opening up in less than 10 min!" As the timer on the screen said 2:56 min left to arrival. My anxiety is through the roof at this point, I gotta get to 5th ave(Fashion District to be exact)my speculative mind kept tapping at my inner conscience, but my gut was feeling dollar signs in Little Italy. "That area has to be in consideration for collections." But SoHo?


  Needless to say, I bought The First National City Bank Of New York located @ 415 Broadway, on Canal w/ architecture by Walker & Gillette(1927).    That's the feeling! The thought of acquiring business licenses, exchanging goods and services, legendary user experience, and to think we are still in beta!


The Historic 23 Million UPX Auction NYSE  

Dec. 29th, 2020

  Once the NYC opening was over it was time to establish my identity on the Upland Discord server

  Networking, I met T.D.( UCN member; The UPX Podcast and many other accolades), he gave me a perspective I didn't think about when first starting this adventure. 

  Just as in crypto there is speculation, pick correctly(properties in this example), and the rewards are quite substantial. Whether speculator or involved in historic landmark auctions like Dec. 29, 2020, when Upland announced that the virtual property of The New York Stock Exchange, a symbol for the famous Wall Street, sold for 23,000,000 UPX (US$ 23,000)  in their end-of-year auction. The “reverse auction” began with a starting bid of  25,000,000 UPX, with prices descending by two million and one million UPX respectively. The NYSE auction marks the highest property sale in the entire Upland metaverse to date. 


 For the first sequence of gameplay, what is called "Collections" is a revenue generator, as properties in them get a boost in earnings, plus a bonus reward for acquiring the NFTs that belong to specific Collections. 

  The possibilities are endless in the Metaverse we know as Upland, I now hold a coveted position as a member of the UCN(Upland Contributors Network) and have established an Outdoor Decor Company called BlokLand Rarities via the Beta Business Program. The business program offered by the founders and team is depending on the final proposal acceptance due Feb. 25th, 2021. 

  We shall certainly see how the journey of LosMontana9 continues, to the tune of the limitless platform EOS has provided. 

  Special thanks to T.D., Franklin52GS(Neigan RealtyGroup), tlong0212, austineddy, Capitalist, ThankMeLater, recourier crypto, 2stupidtowin, the entire Upland Team, and the rest of my close associates I haven't mentioned!

   I'm forever grateful for all of your guidance.


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Loving Father; Genuine passion for Blockchain & Digital Asset with 10+yrs. experience. Striving to teach Minorities the incredible potential blockchain tech has and "The Internet of Value."


This blog post represents an intro to epic moments in LosMontan9's journey at grasping a coveted spot on the Beta Business Program!!! Join in the fun starting on the plane from SF to the intense time crunch to arrive for the opening of Manhattan! Come Fly 🚁🛩✈🚀🛸With Me.....

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