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By LazUpland | Upland | 27 May 2020


In the second week of June, we will be launching a digital celebration to commemorate a historic event in Upland — one year since minting the game’s first property.

The experienced ones among us know that the first item created on the blockchain is a moment where you think: “this is the start of a brave new journey”. We’re sure that those new to blockchain can appreciate that too.

So we want everyone who has joined us on that journey, and everyone who wants to be a part of it in the future, to come party. Though we’ll provide further details as the week approaches, here’s a small taste of what you can expect between June 7–13:

Live Events / Challenges

These have kind of become what we’re known for lately. We are currently working to improve both the challenge and leaderboard functions and we plan on having a special live event that we’ll whip up just for this occasion.

Additionally, as part of the week’s activities, we will place a special focus on the Genesis Property — the first property ever minted in Upland.

App Update

For our celebratory week, you can expect an update with some new Treasure Hunt 2.0 features, maybe even more.

Property Development Roadmap

You’re no doubt curious about what property development will look like in Upland, and no less important when you’ll get it. We’re going to give you a peek at that!

You’ll get to see a mini-roadmap specifically for in-game property development.


Our last AMA was fantastic. With all of the action over the past month — partnership with Tilia Pay (Linden Lab), partnerships with Brave and others, Martini launch — you no doubt have a few questions.

Then let’s do it again. We’ll announce the exact time and date sometime next week.

Introduction of Upland Contributor Network

You like Upland. We like Upland. Let’s get others to like Upland together.

We plan on introducing a new program we’re calling the Upland Contributor Network. Members accepted to the network will be rewarded in various ways for significant contributions to the community, starting with content publishers (articles, tutorials, blogs, videos, podcasts). Others will follow later on.

More Good Stuff

We always like to keep a few activities as pleasant surprises. The important thing is that we wanted to bring this celebration to your attention and make sure you drop by for all of the news, info, goodies and fun! Stay tuned to our Twitter feed and community chat for more.

See you soon, Uplanders!



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