Fly to New York for Easter 🐰🛫: announcing JFK-Bound competition

By LazUpland | Upland | 3 Apr 2020

[Update, 09 April 2020: Upland is joining the fight against COVID19. We have decided that the 15 Tier-3 easter eggs to be dropped in game at 7 AM Pacific Time on 10 April will be located at addresses of organizations known to be contributing to the cause. To support the situation in NYC, we will be donating 100% of proceeds generated from sales of Tier-3 Easter/JFK properties to the NYC COVID-19 Response and Impact Fund. For questions please join our Telegram group. Go get 'em, Uplanders.]

Hi publish0x community! 👋🏼
We're excited to post our first official team update here and in so doing join you rad group of readers and content publishers. Upland is a property trading game powered by the EOS blockchain, currently in open beta. The game consists of an open economy where you can buy, sell and trade assets, all without having to integrate your own wallet. One of our goals is to promote mass adoption of blockchain in the most fun way possible. We just launched our latest contest and invite you to use this opportunity to join us, try our game, give us some feedback and just have some fun. Thanks for reading and glad to be here! 

Upland’s open economy aims to spread across the digital realm we’ve created. Buying, selling and trading properties, participating in treasure hunts, and many of the other features to come will have a different twist or spin depending on the in-game city you’re browsing. But for your Block Explorer (your in-game avatar 🤖) to get there, it will be best to have a means of travel. City airports will provide that.


Over the past few months, we had a gradual sale of the three domestic terminals in San Francisco Airport (SFO) that was hugely successful. Now, continuing the groundwork we’ve been laying, we are excited to announce that we will be opening Upland’s second in-game airport for sale soon, this time at John F. Kennedy Airport (JFK). That’s right — Upland is heading to New York City 🗽 🍎!

In a similar fashion to our SFO launch, we’ve planned a contest for veteran and new Upland players alike, just in time for Easter. The winner will be gifted 🎁 the first airport terminal parcel at Upland’s JFK, a significant value.

Timing is often critical in Upland when you’re looking to buy that special property or be the first to complete a collection. The reason airports are important is because when you’ll want to travel to other cities in the future, doing so through the airport will be one of the quicker means. To get to an airport, you just send your Block Explorer there, as if to any other property. Further down the line, there will be a separate mechanic for flights leaving the terminals, which will be available when the cities themselves are opened..

We’ve put together a special holiday live event around this occasion. If you’re interested in owning that first JFK parcel, or if you’re just looking to have an extra bit of fun in our game over the next two weeks, here’s what you need to do!

✈️ JFK-Bound

The name of this competition is JFK-Bound, and as mentioned, it’s Easter themed! The purpose of the competition is to complete a unique, in-game Collection of the same name, and to own/hold that complete collection (i.e. all the properties in it) at the cutoff time and date — Easter Monday, 13 April 2020, at 07 AM Pacific Time. This is a temporary Collection, meaning it will cease to exist when the competition ends, though the properties needed to complete it will keep their cool, JFK-Bound icons.

On Tuesday, April 7th, we’ll start dropping special Easter Egg treasures on random, unminted properties. Easter Egg treasures have 5 different “tiers”, and you can collect them by clicking on the right property when it’s in the vicinity of your explorer. If you find one, you’ll of course be rewarded with a cool Easter animation as well as some extra UPX. The schedule for the Easter Egg drops is as follows, Tier is noted in-game by color:

April 7 — Tier 1 — Blue — 150 Easter Eggs
April 9 — Tier 2 — Purple — 75 Easter Eggs
April 10 — Tier 3 — Orange — 15 Easter Eggs
April 11 — Tier 4 — Red — 5 Easter Eggs
April 12 — Tier 5 — Yellow — 1 Easter Egg

The final, exclusive treasure dropped on April 12th will be a special pinata.

When an Easter Egg is collected, the property on which it is found will be tagged with a special JFK-Bound icon and the Tier level within 24 hours. A player can choose to buy that property beforehand, but to avoid buying the wrong one, it’s best to wait. Naturally, a player can choose to zoom in where the treasure was found, and if they’re sure, buy the property beforehand. The icon will appear later one way or another.

It is not mandatory to buy the unminted property on which the treasure is found. However, to compete for the grand prize, players must complete the temporary JFK-Bound Collection that will appear in their collections menu. The collection can be completed by owning one property of each Tier, including Tier 5 of which only one such property will exist.

To win, a player must be holding the complete collection — one property of each Tier: 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 — on Easter Monday, 13 April 2020, at 07:00 AM Pacific Time. Since only a single Tier 5 property will exist, and only five Tier 4s, etc, trade and negotiation among players is strongly encouraged. If no winner exists at that time and date, the competition will be extended by an additional 24 hours, after which the winner will default to whomever collected the most Easter Egg treasures (with or without their corresponding properties).

If you’re new to Upland, we hope you’ll join us for some Easter fun. If you’re one of our veterans, we know we’ll see you out there! 😎 Good luck and Happy Holidays to all our players 🥚🐰.

Please read the full terms and conditions of the contest here

Join the action, chat with players and ask questions in the Upland Community Telegram Group, or find us on:

🏠 Discord | Twitter | RedditFacebook 


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