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Upland - City Releases, Stress Tests and Delays.

 Today Dec. 13th 2021, Upland was planning to release the "Clason Point" neighborhood in the Bronx.  Unfortunately, it got delayed.  This is something that consistently frustrates players and leads to a lot of FUD within the community.  It is important to understand that Upland is still in BETA and that these growing pains are just a part of the process and growth of the metaverse.  Players should be patient and set reasonable expectations that lag issues and delay will just be a part of the game as it grows and attracts more and more players.  Recently, Upland has seen 75,000 daily active users, daily transaction volume of 184,000,000 UPX, and daily trading volume of 10,600 trades.  These immense numbers just show how popular this game is becoming and the best part is that even brand new players who joining now, are still able to 'get in early' so to speak.  Hopefully the lag issues can be remedied in the short term and Upland can provide a great user experience to everyone.  Until then, expect lag, expect delays, and when things go smoothly, then we can all be pleasantly surprised.


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Upland Property Trading Game- unofficial user blog

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