Wall St Collection: 50,000 UPX (~USD50) one-time award + 2.8x earning boost

By UplandDood | Upland Hub | 26 Dec 2020

Upland Game: 4th NYC Collection Unlocked!

Wikipedia's starting paragraph describes Wall Street as follows:

Wall Street is an eight-block-long street in the Financial District of Lower Manhattan in New York City. It runs between Broadway in the west to South Street and the East River in the east. The term "Wall Street" has become a metonym for the financial markets of the United States as a whole, the American financial services industry, New York–based financial interests, or the Financial District itself.

Without a doubt, Wall Street is a significant name in the Financial World. After the announcement on 22 Dec at 11 am PT that it will become the 4th NYC's Collection to be unlocked in the Upland metaverse and can be verified in the EOS blockchain, Wall Street has also become a significant name in the Upland metaverse. The Wall St. Collection is now part of the NYC Ultra Rare Collection!

The Wall Street Collection

There are a total of 24 properties (one of which is still locked) that satisfy the Wall Street collection criteria. The locked property is 11 Wall Street. Yes, that's the address for the New York Stock Exchange. This property will probably be auctioned off at a later date.


The 50,000 UPX one-time award

As long as you own any 2 of the 24 properties, you get a one-time award of 50,000 UPX and an earning boost of 2.8x. You can read my Christmas Came Early to Upland article to have an understanding of how earning works and what's the equivalent value of UPX in USD.

Here is a look at the lowest and highest mint price properties found in the Wall Street Collection. The lowest mint price is 22,560 UPX (80 Wall St) with normal earnings of 324.86 UPX per month. At the other end, the highest mint price property in this collection is 274,560 UPX (60 Wall St) and comes with normal earnings of 3,953.66 UPX per month.


The 2.8x Earning Boost

If you the highest and lowest mint price properties mentioned above, which satisfy the requirement of 2 owning properties for this collection. You will receive monthly earnings of 11,979.86 UPX (909.61 + 11,070.25).

The Yield & ROI

If all you've invested in the game was these 2 properties, let's see if we can do a simple Yield and ROI for owning them. Your total purchase price for these 2 assets is 297,120 UPX. That's the sum of 22,560 UPX for 80 Wall St & 274,560 UPX for 60 Wall St.

This works out to close to USD300. USD300 gets you 300,000 UPX. And if you are using my referral and this is your first time purchase, then you are actually getting an additional 50% (150,000 UPX), which means you have 450,000 UPX to start with!

Now, let's see what is the actual asset cost. Since you are getting 50,000 UPX one-time reward for completing this collection, your actual asset cost is 247,120 UPX (22,560 + 274,560 - 50,000).

Your total boosted earnings based on the 2.8x earnings multiplier is 143,758 UPX (11,979.86 * 12).

Your annual yield then is 58.17%!

In order to look at the Return on Investment, we need to look at the secondary market price of listed properties. To be more precise, we need to look at the markups on these listed properties that were for sale in the Upland secondary market.

Currently, there are a total of ONLY 4 properties on sale in the secondary market. The lowest markup of these 4 properties is 1,444% for 95 Wall St. The owner of this property bought it at a mint price of 110,880 UPX and now listed for sale at 1,600,000 UPX.

You can see that only 4 out of the 23 unlocked Wall Street properties are available in the secondary market. As I'd mentioned in my NYC Diamond District Collection, the Wall Street property owners are holding for further appreciation or keep as a bargaining chip in case they need to trade to complete other collections.

In order to calculate an ROI, let's say we do a very conservative 300% markup for your 2 properties. At this markup, your listed property will last less than a minute in the secondary market before it's bought.

If you decide to sell now, your ROI after taking into consideration of the 50,000 UPX one-time reward is

  • Markup at 300% = 891,360 UPX (297,120 UPX * 300%)

  • One-time reward = 50,000 UPX

  • Cost of purchase = 297,120 UPX

You get a cool 644,240 UPX (891,360 + 50,000 - 297,120) in profit! This gives you an ROI of 216.83%!

What if you've decided to keep these 2 properties for one year before selling them?

If at the end of the year, you've decided to sell them at a markup of 500% (still lower than the 1,444% current lowest markup), what will your ROI be then?

  • Earnings for 1 year = 143,758 UPX

  • Mark up at 500% = 1,484,600 UPX (297,120 * 500%)

  • One-time reward = 50,000 UPX

  • Cost of purchase: 297,120 UPX

Guess what? Your return on investment is a staggering 456.21%!!

If you've read Christmas Came Early to Upland, you'll know that Wall St is located inside NYC's Financial District. The NYC Financial District is also a collection and comes with a 9,900 UPX one-time reward. When you take this into consideration, your actual ROI is more than what's mentioned above.

My usual Concluding thoughts

Okay, back to reality. Granted this is a game and not an investment. But once the property-to-USD is launched, these properties can be sold for USD. If you have read my Christmas Came Early to Upland article, you'll have noticed that the current 30 beta testers are already selling properties in USD with the highest single sale recorded at USD1,000.

Why do people look for play-to-earn games? You decide if this is a game, an investment, or both. It's simple, do your own research. Even if it's a game, you'll still need to do due diligence to ascertain if it's worth investing your time playing it, right? So, why is this any different?

Oh, by the way, did I way, did I mention that Wall Street is a SOLD OUT collection? No worries, there are still a total 0f 25 NYC Collections and thus far 6 have been unlocked.

Is the Upland Game for you?

Only you can answer that. However, if you use this referral link (also mentioned in the next paragraph), then you will get an additional 50% UPX on your first purchase of UPX. You'll have to think a bit about how much you want to put into the game because this is a one-time benefit. Use it wisely and believe me, this helps a lot. And if you contact me through Twitter, I'll assist you with the onboarding. Information is power. See you on the other side.

Here's my link - https://discover.upland.me/UplandDood. I'm a UCN (Upland Contributor Network) member and Joat at Upland Hub.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Upland.me, the game developer.

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