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By UplandDood | Upland Hub | 6 Jan 2021

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New York, New York

I read somewhere that New York is such a special place that they name it twice - New York, New York. It does have a ring to it. It is, after all, The City That Never Sleeps, according to Frank Sinatra.

New York is undoubtedly an exciting city. It is well known for its theaters, art galleries, shopping districts, skyscrapers, arks, and of course, Times Square and Wall Street. It is also a city rich with historical landmarks and has one of the oldest Chinatowns in this part of the world. In fact, I found out that this Chinatown used to have its own "Wall Street" lined with banks and "banks" if you catch my drift.

This excitement in the City That Never Sleeps wasn't just limited to real life. In fact, in a place, just a few fingers away is a place called Upland. It exists as the Upland Metaverse in the Upland Game. The excitement here is just as real. What has been happening in this metaverse?

Upland Game Christmas

Upland Metaverse: Brief update

Over the course of a few weeks in December 2020, many activities that happened in the Upland Metaverse has gotten the "inhabitants" all excited and buzzing. Amongst the many things were the piecemeal release of collections in New York!

Upland Game NYC Collections

It all started with the release of the Little Italy Collection, followed by Financial District and the Last Act Collection.

As shared in Christmas Came Early To Upland, New York is a little different from San Francisco, which is the genesis city and, Fresno, a newcomer-friendly city. You can read about it to catch up. I'd also talked about the first three collections mentioned above.

New York is a different city altogether. People from all over the world come here in the hope of 'moving on up'. It's no difference in the Upland Game.

Subsequent to the first three collections reveals; Wall Street, Diamond District, Times Square, Park View, Broadway, SoHo, and the most recent Skyline Manhattan Collections followed.

How were these reveals received? As you know, New York City presents so many possibilities, and because of that, sometimes a player's speculation is a hit and sometimes, a miss. Wrong guesses, limited funds all played a part in these misses. Let me share with you a personal miss. I was planning on getting a property valued at around 200,000 UPX (note: UPX pronounce 'Up-pex' is the in-game currency) but hesitated due to liquidity. As it turns out, after the Skyline Manhattan announcement, that same property was re-evaluated and, cost more than 2,000,000 UPX!

This all part of the game, some collections are easier to predict and some are much harder. For some, the Financial District and Wall Street Collections were an easy choice but getting the Last Act was not so easy. It is understandable as anyone could have made the mistake of buying theatres all over New York and would have missed the collection's requirement that only Broadway Theatres listed in the New York Theatre Guide were counted.

Upland Game NYC Skyline Manhattan Collection

Skyline Manhattan

I'd shared my personal experience on the Skyline Manhattan earlier. Skyline Manhattan is the latest (also the first in 2021) collection that was revealed on 4 January 2021. It requires owning 3 Skyscrapers that have more than 40 floors and no less than 150 meters in height. You can see why this was no easy task to speculate but the good thing is that as of this writing, there are still around 20 plus unminted properties with minting prices of at least 1,000,000 UPX and going all the way up to over 12,000,000 UPX available on the primary market from the game developer. Secondary market properties from other players who are selling are different in prices.

In my opinion, this collection has opened up opportunities for existing High Networth individuals with no less than 5,000,000 UPX liquidity (approximately USD5,000) to have incredibly high earnings potential for just completing the collection.

There are currently 15 collections left that have yet been revealed. Speculations are rife as to what these will be. Is it another of the sold-out neighborhoods, or a non-sold-out one, or something else? You can see how this anticipation can be addictive.

This game is so immersive that a non-New Yorker player may know more about New York than a native just by researching NYC properties found in the Upland Game.

My Collection Prediction

So, in my wandering in the Upland Game and researching on the NYC properties, what have I found that I believe would be one of the Collection?

I'm going to say that at least one of the remaining 15 collections will be either an NYC Heroes Collection (combining both NYPD & FDNY) or having both an NYPD Collection and an FDNY collection in honor and remembrance of the heroes who demonstrated duty above self in the 911 tragedy. I'll further go on to say that this will be an Ultra-Rare Collection with a 3x or higher earnings boost. If it ends up being two separate collections, that leaves us with another 12 collections to figure out before they're revealed.

Upland Game NYC NYPD Collection

Prediction: NYPD Collection

Let's examine closer these two forecasted collections - the NYPD Collection & the FDNY Collection

First, the NYPD Collection prediction. There are a total of 22 Precincts, 3 Police Service Areas, and 4 Transit Districts in Manhattan. The addresses for these locations are listed on the NYC official website. An in-game check on these locations showed that all of these properties have already been sold. This is a strong indication this is a good contender to be a Collection.

How about the FDNY Collection prediction?

Upland Game NYC FDNY Collection

Prediction: FDNY Collection

As for FDNY in Manhattan, there are a total of 47 Fire Stations & a Marine 1 (Engines/Ladders/Rescues/Squads) for a total of 48 properties in Manhattan covering 34 areas/districts. Again, an in-game search indicated that all these have also been purchased. So, what it means is that there are high expectations this will be in a Collection.

Whether I'm correct or these buyers are correct is left to be seen. Only 15 more collections to go and we'll see as more is revealed.

Upland Game: I Want In

If you're interested in the Upland Game, there a few ways to go about it. You can start without putting in any money. This will take longer for you to see any significant earnings from your properties. Slow but possible.

However, if you decide to put in some money, it depends on your strategy. Are you putting in enough to just start a small collection or you're game to go in big?

If you just want to test it out, I recommend you start with 10,000 UPX (which costs USD9.99). Use the link I put below to get an additional 50% UPX on your firstpurchase. Yes, use the link and you'll get 15,000 UPX total for the same price.

If you wan to go big, then there are options to purchase 100,000 UPX / 400,000 UPX / 1,000,000 UPX / 3,000,000 UPX / 10,000,000 UPX / 25,000,000 UPX

Use the link and you'll get 50% additional UPX, i.e. 50,000 UPX / 200,000 UPX / 500,000 UPX / 1,500,000 UPX / 5,000,000 UPX / 12,500,000 UPX respectively on your first purchase. So, use it wisely.

Last but not least, you are able to purchase UPX using USD or Cryptocurrencies!

Here's the link. If you have any questions, you may DM me here. See you on the other side!

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