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By now, if you’ve been reading through my series of articles, you should have a good grasp of how to increase your wealth through Upland. One of the main parts of the game is the buying and selling of properties. Did you know that there are multiple ways to buy a property? I’m sure you know of one or two but let’s look at all the options.


1. Freshly minted! As your explorer travels around the city you’ll notice a bunch of light green properties. These are properties that are within your Explorer’s range of discovery. Simply click on one of the light green properties and you can buy it! Probably doesn’t get simpler than this.


2. The Light Grey properties are not within your Explorer’s range but are still available and waiting for their first purchase. Maybe you want to buy a specific address but it’s on the other side of town from where you are. Easy! Find a light blue or green property as close to your target property as possible and click ‘Send’ to teleport your explorer nearby. Your property should turn light green and then you can buy it. If it’s in a REALLY sparse area of ownership you might need to try 2 or 3 times to get your explorer headed in the right direction.

3. Dark Green properties are owned by others and are listed for sale. You don’t even have to travel there, you just click on the property and hit ‘Buy’!


4. Dark Green properties have another option too! Instead of clicking buy maybe you want to try your luck with an offer. Click the ‘Offer’ button and put in the price you’re willing to pay. Note, it can’t be less than 20% of the listed price. If they’re selling it for 19,000 UPX the least you’ll be able to offer is 3800 UPX.


5. Everything is available for sale! (almost). Light blue properties are owned by others but not listed for sale. However, as with the Dark Green properties above, you can always try to place an offer on them if the seller has not disabled that option. You’re still limited to the 20% rule but it’s based on the last sales price. You can math out the minting price from the monthly earnings (base earnings x 69.444) but that only tells you the base price. The last sales price could be different. Maybe they sold to a friend for 1 UPX and you could offer 1 UPX! Or maybe the property was used to balance out an unequal trade and it ended up selling for 100,000 UPX, even though it was minted for 5000 UPX.


6. Finally, in the last two cases of offers, you can offer more than just UPX. The seller can decide whether they will accept trades in UPX, property, or both. Or neither. It doesn’t hurt to try. Property trades work well if you’ve bought into one collection and you have a friend who bought into another and you want to trade so you can both take advantage of the collection bonus. Or maybe you want to adjust your property layout for treasure hunting since you bought your first three properties all next door to each other. The nice thing about the property trades is that they incur no fee like sales do.

According to the roadmap and various AMAs with the developers we know that soon we’ll have the ability to do property bundles too. It can be a little tricky right now to trade one property for three but soon the mechanics will be in place to bundle properties and trade them for single properties or other bundles. As long as both parties are agreeable to the trade it can be a hugely advantageous move!

In the VERY near future (by the end of the year) we expect to also see the ability to purchase property for fiat. Fiat is another word for cash, money, local currency. A seller will have the ability to list their property for sale for UPX, trade for another property or ALSO sell for cash via Tilia. Tilia is a subsidiary of Linden Labs and is connected with Second Life. What this means is that the mechanics for selling digital goods for cash already exists and Upland will be integrating into their metaverse. No word yet if Second Life items can transport over to Upland but who knows?

But you can’t buy and sell if you’re not in the game! Use my referral link for a 50% bonus on your first purchase.

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