Welcome to Upland: Day 1, Mission District
Mission District

Welcome to Upland: Day 1, Mission District

By ThankMeLater | Upland Fan Blog | 26 Feb 2020

Hi, my name is ThankMeLater, some people call me TML. I'm one of the many active players in the blockchain property management game Upland. In my blog, I will explore various aspects and strategies of the game as well as talk about community happenings or other game-related musings. Please note, this is a personal blog and is not sponsored by Upland.

Welcome to Upland

This guide is intended for new or newer players.

Just created an account? This guide is for you! 

Created an account at some point but not sure what to do now? Yeah, you might like this guide.

Are you a veteran of the game with Millions of UPX? Well see if you agree with this strategy or reminisce on all the early mistakes you made (if you're anything like me) 



So Day 1 hopefully still have your 3,000 starting UPX and haven't just bought the first property you could afford. (Don't worry if you did, it happens to everyone.) Let's be clear this game is free to download and technically free to play, but you are incredibly limited as a visitor. You want to be a certified Uplander as soon as possible, which is going to require an initial investment. (Note I say investment because it is a big roadmap item to be able to trade you NFT property deeds for FIAT) This guide will focus on the smallest initial purchase needed to engage in with the game in a meaningful way. This is what some of the community members, and I think it is reasonable to start, and I always encourage comments if you find/think differently.

Until Mojito and additional functionality are released, the ways you can get UPX are interest, selling a property, and completing an official collection. There will be a lot of future articles about successfully selling properties, and the UPX interest from your first properties is going to be small to insignificant; until you get some collections and more significant properties in your collection.

The basic/easy strategy to start the game is to pay ~$10 get 10,000 UPX, become an Uplander buy some cheap properties and sell them for marginal 5-10% returns. While there is nothing wrong with this strategy, if you make a terrible initial investment, you could sit on the property and not get as quick/much of return as you'd like.



The more tactical strategy that we will look at in this article is to focus on some core early game collections and use the collection bonuses to give you a small boost and get properties that have a good initial UPX rate.

The collection you should start on is Mission District.

**Note that collections like Newbie, San Franciscan, and City Pro will naturally progress as you focus on the more specific location collections. Additionally, you may want to keep an eye on open for three properties on the same street in one of these areas so you can pick up King of the Street

The Mission District collection has a ton of open properties, and with small properties for ~285 UPX per UP2, you should be able to complete this collection for under 12,000 UPX. DO NOT BUY SECOND HAND; there is no reason to pay a markup on these properties at this point unless there is an incredibly specific property you must have. (Note: this collection is about the same cost/availability as Sunset but gives you 400 more UPX for completing it and is a 40% interest bonus over Sunsets 30%) 

Once you've completed the Mission District collection, you should have made another 2,900 UPX - 3,850 UPX (if you can complete King of the Street).

From here you should put your Mission District properties up for sale with a 10-15% markup in hopes of flipping them for a small profit (Especially while there is plenty of supply) Then look for 1-2 small properties you can buy/flip to being the next collection, like Sunset or City Pro.



Now that you've got your feet wet and you have a small collection of properties you have to decide what's next for you and your explorer. How will you make the most of Upland? Hopefully, you're intrigued enough to stick around and maybe even invest in some more properties. Any way you chose to go I'm glad you stopped here on your journey.

Be sure to check back as I will be writing more guides and brining the community more tips and tricks. In the next couple of days keep an eye for my SFO predictions and buyer's guide!






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Upland Blogger and Property Collector. First-time blogger, long time gamer. I hope you like what you read.

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