Upland Weekly Report #2: SFO Terminal 1 Opened

By ThankMeLater | Upland Fan Blog | 9 Mar 2020

Hi fellow Uplanders, this is ThankMeLater; welcome to another edition of the Upland Weekly Report.

It was certainly an exciting week in the blockchain world of Upland. I know if a lot of people, including myself, were looking to see Mojito get launched last week and that didn’t happen. However, we have 100% confirmation that Mojito will launch tomorrow (!) on March 10th! This is going to be a huge release and going to bring a lot of new content in quality of life (QoL) fixes from what has been shared. ( For the official details please see https://medium.com/upland/a-taste-of-mojito-d9aa35ff86e3.) I also think this is the foundation to start expanding the user base substantially since it will introduce some more casual gaming elements like treasure hunts. We don’t have an exact time for this release yet but I’m sure the Telegram channel will be abuzz when it does.

So what did happen last week? Well, the biggest news was the opening of SFO Domestic Terminal 1. This brought with it 9 new terminals for purchase. The event went off relatively smooth and while there was certainly excitement around its launch, I don’t think it was nearly as intense or as stressful (at least me) as Domestic T3. Those of us lucky enough to be in Telegram for the event had a great play by play for the community lead Laz.  The lots for SFO Dom T1 were all relatively well-sized and priced within a few hundred thousand of each other (1.26M – 1.64M) This is a lot different from T3 that saw the range from 300,000 to over 4M! (Still unminted)

The usual sharks were there for the initial feeding frenzy; the Bad Crypto team MinorProphit and TeeDubya grabbed one each. Apparently TeeBubya was jealous he didn’t get in on T3 so I'm sure that was fun for them. Hodler picked up his second 9/9! (Unofficial collection starting??) I personally meticulous planned my route and practiced it a half dozen times before the event. Since I had a lot in T3 I could travel infinite times, so I timed how long and at what trajectory I needed to be as soon as the lots went up. It was about a 6-minute journey (That Turtle is f$#%ing slow!) I was able to grab T1 lot 1/9 as soon as it opened without much issue. We also had; my friend 2Stupid2Win pick up their first Terminal, the OG Whale Kent got in the action with his first terminal, the silent Sedan Hermess1 got in on the action, and finally almost an hour after open the last lot sold to a completely unknown new player YConnect. It's always great to see how these events play out and I hope those who wanted terminals were able to snag one this time around. (Hey there is still the 4M one in T3 unminted if you really wanted!)

I will be writing more about my thoughts on the airport terminals, their potential role in the game and how profitable I think they will be in an upcoming article.

Cheers and happy hunting,



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