Upland Treasure Hunts Strategy Session Pre-Mojito

Upland Treasure Hunts Strategy Session Pre-Mojito

By ThankMeLater | Upland Fan Blog | 10 Mar 2020

Howdy fellow Uplanders, on the Eve of Mojito I wanted to share a couple of strategies and planning ideas as well as share some community tools I'm working on to support Treasure Hunts. I will write another post sometime after Mojito is live with updates/revised strategies but feel free to reference this until then.

This biggest thing (in my opinion) that we get with Mojito is the famed Treasure Hunts.

What we know

From what has been released the premiss is at any given time 1 or more properties will have a treasure on them. These treasures are randomly placed on Minted Properties only and "clues" and treasure activation are only available through directly clicking on a property your explorer is within discovery range of. We've also been told the larger the property in UP2 size the higher likely hood it will be selected for a treasure.

What we don't know

  • Cooldown timers
  • Exact Prizes
  • Difficulty to locate and claim prizes
  • Does a Treasure being found on your property offer you the landowner any direct benefit (Confirmed no direct benefit)

What does the mean?

Densely populated areas like HA will statistically have a higher chance of containing treasure. Sparsely populated areas will have a smaller, but not 0% chance so having easy access to highly sold out areas is going to be key. Note: for areas like HA that are very expensive and highly marked up, consider getting a property on the outskirts to allow for cheaper access. This will also be key for a place like the Financial District as well, which has many large lots and is very costly.

The biggest factor for most players will be the number of daily moves, which is 3, do NOT use these unless you're sure you have a lock on a treasure. This is the biggest limiting factor in this process, but the notes all indicate additional moves will also be awarded, so keep an eye out for those.

In general, try to get a small property in as many different areas as you can and check all your own properties to narrow down your search before suing one of your premium moves.


Dedicated Telegram Channel: https://t.me?UplandTreasureHunters

This channel will be used to share clues/tips and help each other get more treasures.


Treasure Submission Form: https://airtable.com/shrSWzdnghAbxYLiX

Use this form submit your findings! This is incredibly important and appreciated as this data will help us be the most efficient and tactical treasure hunters. Note that I will only be sharing results with people who contribute to the findings so be sure to do your part!


What are your thoughts? Please share in the comments and/or in telegram.


Cheers and happy hunting!


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