Treasure Hunt Strategy Guide - 6 Hours into Mojito

Treasure Hunt Strategy Guide - 6 Hours into Mojito

By ThankMeLater | Upland Fan Blog | 10 Mar 2020

  • 6 Hours into Mojito

  • 15 Treasure hunts completed

  • Over 20,000 in UPX Prizes given out!

What do we know now?

  • My tracking spreadsheet is useless (they show how won, where it was found, and how much they won) *See attached screenshots
  • These hunts are QUICK 2-3 Minutes tops!
    • I will continue to monitor this, but I no longer think it will be much slower unless there are no “Big” Players on (Players with over 200 Properties)
    • I was originally thinking I would have time to buy properties to “free move” closer but there isn’t time and with the Extra Moves (mentioned later) there is not a huge need
  • These hunts are fun! (and I’m not just saying that because of how successful I’ve been) The thrill of the chase is wonderful and fulfilling
  • These hunts can be frustrating! Game crashes, laggy moves, missing a prize by milliseconds; even with these, this is still smooth for a day one launch of a whole new feature set. I myself have to hard close my app 1-3 per chase.
  • Extra sends are plentiful! (You theoretically should never run out of sends; I’ll detail this more in the strategy section)
    • You can have a max of 11 Sends built up
  • You will need to use Visitor Travel, a lot!
    • Even having over 400 Properties there are tons of gaps!
    • I have yet to travel to one of my own properties and claim a prize!
  • The Pinata Practice Range is fun and addicting, I will def be spending some time there. (and hopefully have some more specific tips for that)


So how do you become as fast as a Turtle? Here are some tips/Tricks

  1. It's all about the start! You need to start and be ready as soon as the hunt is activated!
  2. Where you start is also incredibly important:
    • Do not start in a corner, you will limit your “clue” possibilities.
    • Yes, technically you start in a corner and the treasure happens to be there you have an edge but statistically, you want to start somewhere central, preferably on your own property. I start on 1 Christmas Tree Point Rd (feel free to join me for only 20 UPX)
    • Being centrally located to start will give you the maximum amount of information
  3. Be sure to have as many Travels open as possible (You can have up to 11)
    • Between Treasure Hunts
  4. Try to travel to your own properties first; this isn’t just because it's free but also it seems to lag less (in my opinion, probably related to the transaction needed for a visitor fee)
  5. Make a note of the arrow “intensity” (I may do a more detailed guide on this point later) if it's faint you need to travel really far, red and flashing; super close.
  6. The directionality of the arrow is important too; did it go from North to NorthWest to West? How is it trending and what does that mean (again this feels like it might need a more detailed guide.
  7. Look for densely populated (Minted) places to jump to; if there is a lone property somewhere it's statistically unlikely to be there.
  8. Don’t Dilly Dally! This might seem obvious but there is a ton of competition out there; I lost a couple because I was excited and want a screenshot. Collect that prize! Then figure out how to celebrate.
  9. Other things of note; I have been exclusively using the iOS application running on an iPhone 11 Max. I hard reboot the app before each hunt and I still have 1-2 crashes per hunt. As soon as I feel I am crashing I hard close the app and restart.
  10. Join the community! I have a channel dedicated to hunting, join, stay informed.
    • Dedicated Telegram Channel:
    • If I see an upcoming treasure I announce it in that channel, I would hope others would do the same if they see it before me

Plenty of Extra MovesPinata Trial351665157-0ab39a3f03a383ed6e640a3b2a68e29f81c2e1fd308d4f4639f21cf3a5e9a9e0.jpegWins 2


Please note, I'm a seasoned gamer with hundreds of hours dedicated to this game and have been preparing for the launch of this event for weeks. I know the map, I understand these gaming mechanics; I am also incredibly competitive, but I'm not greedy. I have and will always give back to the community, whether it's through my content creation or community participation; I'm here to help grow this game. 


That being said; I have an open contest with no winners claimed; I'm upping the prize from 1,000 UPX each to 3,000 UPX each!


Happy Hunting Fellow Explorers,



Upland Blogger and Property Collector. First-time blogger, long time gamer. I hope you like what you read.

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