TML's Upland FAN (Financials and News) Blog; April 20th 2020

TML's Upland FAN (Financials and News) Blog; April 20th 2020

By ThankMeLater | Upland Fan Blog | 21 Apr 2020

Welcome fellow explorers, to the TML Upland FAN (Financials and News) Blog.


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JFK Easter Event Results

If you didn't already hear, Dan AKA DizzyDSK found the T5 Egg and completed the collection and challenge! The JFK property has not been created or minted yet and we will bring the latest details on that as they happen.

I think overall this was a great event, lots of involvement and excitement. While some players were frustrated with some of the "find" mechanics involving the hunt, these are the same game mechanics used in THs and Airplane collection. The long and short it, your explorer has a discover radius around them (presumably a circle) once an object is in range it is "activated". The confusion comes in with discoveries on unminted properties. A property will turn green (discovered) as soon as any part is in the explorer's radius; however if there is an object, like an Easter egg, in the center of that property and your explorer's discovery radius doesn't hit that center (especially likely on larger properties) then you won't discover the treasure. (I hope that makes sense, I'm going to work on some visuals for this later.)

JFK EggsYes, I agree that's not a very compelling Orange :)

There are likely still unminted properties on most of the tiers if you wanted to grab them. Much like the "FLY SFO" icon, this distinction/marker doesn't carry with it any direct value bonuses, but given the rarity and the added visibility/uniqueness, this would certainly by a factor I would consider when dealing in buying/selling these properties.

Upland goes Batty for National Bat Day


This was a fun little live event, random bat pinatas were found in unminted properties around the city. There were small bats 20-100upx and some bigger bats that reach 10-20k UPX. I really like the rollout of the event, earlier in the week a practice pinata showed up and people were a buzz! The actual event had people finding bats all day just for floating around the city. I think most found it enjoyable and I look forward to more of the smaller live events. My one gripe if I had to make one, is that there was no way to track the action; how many were left? Who found the most? Who made the most from the event? There's a potential that this is intentionally hidden to make the event more casual and less competitive (which I can appreciate)


Treasure Hunts 2.0

Big release news around what is coming with Treasure Hunts 2.0 have been released (read my full thoughts on TH 2.0 here)

The development team is clearly listening to the community and making large changes to help make THs a core feature of this platform. I'm very impressed with the breadth of different hunt options coming and can't wait for some of the "nerfs" to balance things out a bit. One big thing to keep in mind is not everything is going to happen at once. This is an agile team which means we get smaller updates more often (which I think is great). I suspect we'll see the Broken Trail and maybe Cooldown come in with the Standard Tier and features like Riot Mode and Segmentation to be later added. A lot of features can be circumvented/abused by players with multiple accounts which is why I'm glad the Alcatraz feature is live to demotivate anyone trying to scam the system.


Overall A+ by the dev team, I can't wait for some of this to start going live!


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Me every time I buy a new property




"FLY SFO" and "JFK Bound" Properties

These are the first set of "tagged" properties that aren't aligned to a permanent collection. The hype around these properties quickly faded after their corresponding events ended and most players who found them compelling buys were able to pick a property or two fresh, unminted. Additionally, there are still unminted properties for each of these (note they are among the more costly units in the collections). In the short term, I don't expect there to be much movement on these properties and until there is a need for marketing of properties for things like development, these are just novelty. I wouldn't go liquidate these below costs (unless you're really hard up for UPX) and I expect there to be a solid 20%+ markup for desirable properties just based on the icon. (Other factors such as collection and address could play a large role as well).

Haight St Update

SOLD OUT! That's right folks, the second major collection to be sold out is Haight St. If you have properties for sale on Haight St. consider taking them down and making sure they are appropriately priced. I would say a 30-50% mark up would be expected, more if it's a smaller/cheaper lot.

As of 4/20/20 - 

Overall recommendation: Sell/Hold

Sold out! Be sure you’re properties are correctly 

Cheapest single property Unminted:N/A

Cheapest single property Resale: ~50,000 UPX

Current Markup %

Buy: < 40% 

Sell: +50%

What's the next hot official collection(s)

Rumour has it, Mission St. is up and coming. It's a great starter collection with a lot of potential. There are currently almost 100 properties still available to a sell-out isn't likely for 3-6 months so don't look for a quick buck but a solid pick up for some starting interest-earning properties. Now there is a REALLY HOT-BUY on Mission St....the ones also in the Mission District. Currently, there are 10 or fewer properties still unminted that are in both collections. The easiest way to see these is to do a reverse lookup on Mission District to see the Mission St properties in the collection. If you want a potentially lucrative investment I would take a look at these first.

Previous Secret Neighborhood Revealed (Spoiler; it was China Town)

I teased about a secret neighborhood in my last blog and yes it was China Town. I couldn't reveal it because we were waiting to see if an Egg from the Easter event would spawn on the last property available in the neighborhood; it did! Well, the community has come together to buy up this historic area of properties. While it's not a part of any official collections, this is a great place to own for future speculation. As the game continues to evolve these types of collective purchases of land will be an integral part of the ecosystem and fun! Which is the perfect segway to the next section.

The next exclusive community neighborhood revealed!

(Spoiler this one still has unminted properties so you can still get in on the action)

Alamo Square



Alamo Square 4/10/20


Alamo Square 4/20/20


So; what happened? Well, in short, the community. Choyna reached out to me last week about a plan to colonize Alamo Square and I was in. I was one of the first investors, buying 500k UPX worth of property, including an entire block. From there, messages were sent to a select few major players to get in on this opportunity. Now it is being revealed and offer openly to the rest of the community.

Please note, this is an advanced play and is not a recommendation I would make to any new players. If you've got all your base collections set and you're looking for a fun speculative buy, then go ahead and join the club.

Are you a Whale who didn't get the inside track? Choyna and I will be monitoring purchases of the Alamo Square and any players making major investments in this community collection will be on the pre-release list for the next major play we identify.

Do you have an idea for the next big play? Send me and/or Choyna a DM on Discord or Telegram.


Cheers and as always,



If you haven't already joined the fun be sure to check out Upland, the virtual property trading game. If you use this link, Upland will award you with a bonus for your first purchase!


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