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By ThankMeLater | Upland Fan Blog | 8 May 2020

Hello fellow Uplanders,

This is a special edition of the Upland Financial and News Blog. In this blog, I am going to break down some of the numbers I have around the iconic first city of Upland: San Francisco and share some custom maps I've put together with the help of the community.


All these numbers are unofficial and just from my own research and help of the community, shout out to #TeamTurtle

All numbers are from early May 2020 and some will already be outdated (ie number of unminted/for-sale properties)

** Enjoy **

Upland has about 150,000 Total Properties available in San Francisco. Of that, there are about 25,000 Minted (owned) properties. This is up from less than 20,000 minted at the start of April!

So what does that look like? Well, heres a map of those minted properties.afb6e672a3fb4aa2abec7ad8d2d3212271f410b3eda65d9f3729bc1d48c3ed95.jpeg

Lately, I've been taking my data and building various maps; this is one of my favorites. Each dot on this map is a Minted property. It's really cool to be able to see where the heavy activity is, no surprise collections start to stand out; near the middle, you have the first sold-out neighborhood collection, Haight-Ashbery, with Haight St coming out and intersecting with Mission St. Below is a great map created by community member KaCiao; you can clearly see the overlap on key collections. The other dense areas on the map comprise either cluster of "cheap" properties and/or community-driven buys such as Little China or the recent Alamo Square. You can also see the many "one-off" properties seemingly all by themselves. No dot here is a mistake, there were some surprises even to me. What do you find most interesting about this map? Let me know in the comments.


I love this map, it's clean and helps orient you in the world of Upland San Francisco; thanks again KaCiao.

Back to some numbers, let's talk UP2 for a second.

UP2 is the measurement used in Upland to dictate the relative size of a property. San Francisco has properties that range in size from 1 UP2 to 150,007 UP2 **Just found by Maximalism a 166,137 UP2 property** .  Up until recently, there were very few properties available over 1000 UP2 but they are slowly being released. Now the largest owned property is currently 4,938 UP2. (and yes I own it) Many of the larger lots have not been unlocked for purchase; so be on the lookout!

UP2 will likely play a very critical role in property development so large lots may offer an advantage there, but SF has another "hidden" gem. Tiny lots! These are 1,2,&3 UP2 lots. There are 9  "1 UP2" lots, 16 "2 UP2" lots, and 13 "3 UP2 lots. **CHALLENGE** First to post all property addresses of each size in the comments will win 10,000 UPX per category!  So you need to post the 9 1 UP2 properties and you win 10k, 16 2 UP2 properties and you win 10k and yes 13 3 UP2 and you win 10k; for total winnings of 30k UPX!

So how much UP2 is currently available UP2 for purchase in San Francisco? By my calculations, it's about 5.5 Million total UP2 and our Uplanders currently own about 1 Million UP2 worth of property. That means there is still plenty of land for those looking to jump in on the ground floor!

So let's talk top lists:


Most UP2 Owned

ThankMeLater - 48,955

Kent - 40,682

usdtry - 32,673

TheTurbo -28,932

Hodler - 26,684

I recently came across a couple of very large plots which helped me overtake the long-reigning champion Kent, but I think the real surprise is the relatively unknown usdtry.... they seem to have really come to play, we'll have to keep an eye on them.


Most Properties Owned

ThankMeLater - 852

BretGerber - 817

Dava2626 - 610

Kent - 425

Hodler - 415

Bibing - 379

Again, these were the numbers when the community database was last updated (for instance, I'm at 950+ at the time of writing this). Bret and I have held strong at the top, and I expect to hit the 1,000 property mark this weekend. New to the list is Dava2626 coming up very quickly, another one to be on the lookout for!

I will end this special edition with another interesting map:


This is a map of 1K TH location (and their type) I won't be doing much more coverage on TH 1.0, but as you can see here there are certainly hot spots to give you a leg up on hunting. Not surprising THs spawn in the heavily owned collection areas. I recommend picking up a property or two around these hot areas if you're looking to up your TH game.

By Special request:


Where do the top Uplanders call home? Here is a map of the top property owners and their properties. Boosters of Upland Fan Sever will have access to the fully interactive version of this map and more!


Want more premium content like this? Be sure to join become a Booster to the Upland Fan Server there are more maps, like the cheapest known unminted properties and cost per UP2 maps.

Cheers and as always,



If you haven't already joined the fun be sure to check out Upland, the virtual property trading game. If you use this link, Upland will award you with a 50% bonus to your first UPX purchase!

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