The first 1,000 Treasure Hunts

By ThankMeLater | Upland Fan Blog | 29 Mar 2020

So Treasure Hunts have been out for a couple of weeks now and we hit the 1,000 Hunt milestone. I thought it would be a good time to bring some fun stats and updated strategies.


1,000 Treasure Hunts

Total UPX won? 1,888,032 UPX

The number of Unique Winners? 56

Biggest single win? 79,750 UPX

The average time a treasure is available: 2m 56s*

*Note that most "active" hunts tend to last less 2 minutes, many of which will be completed in under a minute


Limited: 756 hunts, average win 647 UPX 

Limited Chests: 361 hunts, average win 641 UPX 

Pineapple Pinatas: 246 hunts, average win 709UPX 

Star Pinata: 149 hunts, average win 557UPX 

Exclusive: 244 hunts, average win 5,737 UPX 

Exclusive Chests: 48 hunts, average win 5,863UPX 

Giraffe Pinatas: 83 hunts, average win 7,169 UPX 

Unicorn Piniats: 73 hunts, average win 5,241 UPX 

T-Rex Pinatas: 40 hunts, average win 3,518 UPX 


Most hunts found?

#1 - RRTT93 191 Wins

#2 - BretGerber 156 Wins

#3 - Hodler 123 Wins

#4 - Loki 101 Wins

#5 - ThankMeLater 93 Wins

Honorable mention - Choyna 57 Wins


Most UPX won?

#1 - RRTT93 374,399

#2 - ThankMeLater 358,553

#3 - Loki 323,736

#4 - Hodler 206,891

#5 - BretGerber 175,604

Honorable Mentions - Choyna 86,674 - Kingkurd 80,947


So how do you make it on the leader boards and start making some serious UPX?


  • You can't win if you don't play and you can't win a lot if you don't play a lot

#2 While 500 Properties isn't needed having a number of strategic properties to jump to will provide you with an advantage.

  • Loki is a great example of this, over 100 Wins, over 300K UPX in earnings, (Total worth only 724K, so more than half Loki's Net worth is from TH's!)  and only 88 Properties (I'm sure most were bought with earnings)

#3 Make sure you have 6-8 "Moves" when the hunt starts

  • Moves are limited to holding 11 (3 daily + 8 pickups, from the paper airplanes) and you can collect up to 25 a day

#4 Start immediately!

  • If you do not start the hunt as soon as it is available you will be at a large disadvantage

#5 Start near the center

  • This is my personal preference to try and maximize the first jumps

#6 Use your own properties first

  • Not only does this save on moves, it significantly reduces the move time since no transaction takes place. Only jump to another an unowned property when needed

#7 Be mindful of the fees but don't hesitate

  • If you're hunting an active EX you are going for a treasure almost certainly worth a few K UPX, don't lose it because you want to pay the 80 or 100 UPX fee of someone
  • On Limited Hunts if you aren't careful you could easily lose money on a hunt you win (I certainly have) 3-4 jumps on pricey properties will destroy a lower limited win

#8 Phone a friend!

  • Join the Uplander Treasure Hunter channel on Telegram to get all the latest tips, tricks and notifications on upcoming Treasure Spawns!
  • Note: It is mandatory if you are in the channel to announce to the channel and previously unannounced Exclusive Hunts. If you win an Exclusive Hunt that was not announced you will be asked to leave.
  • BONUS NOTE Though and this is a GOOD ONE! If you are the FIRST to announce an EX hunt in the TH channel and I (ThankMeLater) win that hunt, I will split the prize with you! Choyna gave the announcement for the largest pot ever won, he wasn't even online for the hunt and made 40k UPX! This is a great way to make UPX without needing to worry about jumps or fees


What do you think? Is there a trick I missed? Something you do to get an edge? I would love to hear from you so please leave a comment.



Cheers and always,



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