Text Upland Meta Cars Roadmap with Race car and metawatch

Upland Meta Cars Roadmap

By Upland Brew | Upland Brew Analytics | 20 Apr 2022

Cars will first enter the NFT stage, meaning
Upland first needs to make sure cars will
appear in the asset wallet, and they are on
the blockchain, The following step is Meta
Car manufacturing, as Upland is the sole
owner of a manufacturing plant, they will be
the sole producers of these vehicles to
start. Following manufacturing and
assuming sales, transportation will be
introduced for these vehicles. Now, as
Upland still is working with floatation as
movement, you will only be able to drive
these cars back and fourth between cities,
likely at the cost of spark for fuel.

Passengers and cargo will follow
transportation, likely implying at least for
passengers, ride sharing between cities and
offered services to drive those from one
destination to another. This though, will likely
come at a massive cost of time, and therefore
likely need to discount pricing from the
original airfare. Cargo, I will not touch on as I
simply have no clue where to start. Last but
not least, racing. As most of us have seen the
trailers, I will simply recap; Enter any street
of your choice, assume an immersive
position, and zoom through the streets of
prebuilt player structures as you speed past
your fellow Uplanders. Cars are a massive
addition to Upland, but yet so small for what's
really to come

Join Upland here, If you use this link, Upland
will award you with a bonus for your first purchase;

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