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The Great Hack

By Upland Brew | Upland Brew Analytics | 29 Apr 2022

We have all fallen victim at some point or another to a leaked
password, either to a friend or someone with mal intent, we have a
common history of creating easy, simple to remember passwords.
It wouldn’t be a first for an Upland account to be hacked, a platform
holding very large sums of money split between several different email
and password combinations, holding EOS keys.

Approximately 8 months ago, word caught wind and before long
everyone was talking about the great hack. A player had somehow
managed to steal thousands of dollars, not from players holdings, but
from their credit card details. Excuse me for avoiding too many
specifics as it happened some time ago, but I believe the hacker had
keylogged accounts in some rhyme or fashion to copy login details, and
further their plan.

One mysterious night, at least five Uplanders were struck, all waking up
to a foggy morning, with bank statements pushed to their limits. “What
on earth happened?”, exclaimed one individual, with a response from a
community lead explaining the situation. Taken aback, just as the rest
were, quickly calling the bank to resolve the issue, all was sorted out

The premise of the story was not for excitement, but rather a lesson, to
turn on 2FA (Two factor authentication), in the day-by-day phases it
can be annoying and cumbersome, yet you won’t feel that way when a
suspicious attempt is made to sell one of your properties.

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