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Massive Meetups in Upland

By Upland Brew | Upland Brew Analytics | 23 Apr 2022

A fun way for Upland to connect with it's audience is
to host meet ups in cities around the world, some of
which included recently Germany, Frankfurt, Los
Angeles, and now Miami!

These events consist of
bowling, drinks, finding Sheebaverse in crowds of
people, and even getting your hands on some sweet
Upland swag, these events are ideal for Uplanders
looking to push down the walls of the game, and meet
your fellow players in real life!

Why does Upland hold these events? Good question!

Upland holds these events in order to bond the
community and create a more direct relationship with you
and Upland. These events help players see more in-depth
to how Upland developers work, and think around
challenges that arise as they are face to face with not
much room to run, (that being said I'm sure Upland has
security so don't try anything too drastic)

With all of this, and more, you surely couldn't go wrong
with attending one of these events, granted it's close to

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