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Block Explorer Markets

By Upland Brew | Upland Brew Analytics | 25 Apr 2022

After a few discussions with shop owners, and BE collectors, we were 
able to get a better gauge on pricing for your Block explorers,
yesterday we talked about property markets; today let's talk about Block Explorers.

We will look at realistic selling prices, the over
abundance of explorers and what value these might have.
Many of us cherish the custom explorer we got, representing us in
the Upland Metaverse, while some like myself chose to sell to
someone else looking to better represent themselves, but are we able
to fetch the same pricing today as we were on release? That is a hard
question to answer, since all buys value each explorer differently.

To the right buyer, yes, but to the average value investor, these 1/1
explorers seem to be selling around five hundred dollars a piece.
Now... For a free token to be worth so much is a little strange, as we
know in the future this won't be limited to Upland's creations but
rather anyone can upload their own creations given they don't
breach any rules, but it also makes sense, these are your identity in Upland...

When there exists Block explorer with mints as high as
3,000, you don't quite feel unique, even with there being half of the
quantity at 1,500, you still wouldn't quite feel unique, not even with
five times less, at 300 total mints, you likely still wouldn't quite feel
unique. Only when you get to the /100 and less do you really start to
feel different in terms of appearance. But which block explorers are
worth your buy? What should we be paying for non 1/1's? That
depends entirely on your preference of design, your holding time,
and whether you want to train their statistics to sell or to keep.
Ideally anything that pops with color and can be recognized globally
is a sure fire way to be happy holding whilst you wait to sell.

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