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Upland review from seasoned gamer

As always with any game, i like to give it a little time to give me a feeling for it. I have been a gamer since the days of the Atari2600 and have owned every console pretty much right up to the present day,

At the beginning on entry to Upland, you are awarded some UPX tokens (The in game currency) to get you going, 4500 in total, which is about the right amount to get you into the game, but not enough to put your stamp on the game, so hats off to the developers at the onboarding reward, its about right,




You are then greeted with some very useful getting started tips, i would recommend to anyone that is really interested in playing the game to take the time to read them all, you can always come back here if you think you missed anything as i have saved screenshots of the tips for future reference, 11 in total below for you to read through,


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Once you have read through the openers, you will be presented with a map of California starting off in Clovis, as you zoom in you eventually see the map divided up in to land parcels which you can click on to bring up the information related to it such as the price, the size and the possible earnings from it, once you find an appropriate piece of real estate that you are happy with, you can proceed to purchase where you are rewarded with a bonus for your progress, i feel i was a little flamboyant with my first purchase coming in over 2000 UPX, my advice would be to look for cheapest property on starting to maximise your starters earnings, you will be presented with FSA property (Fair Starter Act) to allow you to get some roots down, and you are then rewarded with a 100 UPX bonus,


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Another nice little feature is the use of Google street view once you have bought your property, it adds a real world dimension to it and makes you feel like you have really claimed ownership of something, (Good game theory)


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Once you have bought your property, have a little patience for it to be completed on the Blockchain, to be honest, To give it credit as a game, I forget that the UPX accumulating is Crypto tokens, which is registered on the Blockchain, when you drift in and out of the game and this aspect crosses your mind every now and then, it really enhances the game play, it hits all the right notes on many levels.




Once you get this far, the rest is all up to you, its a game of strategy, repeat, be patient, return to collect earnings, invest and collect rewards, all the hallmarks of every great game that was successful,


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Lastly, if you are of the type that needs their entire world in their hand on the phone, it is available to download for Apple and Android devices,












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Upland - Blockchain game
Upland - Blockchain game

Blockchain game that draws on the most successful board game of all time, Monopoly, then adds rewards and 2021 IT magic to it to create a whole new experience.

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