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Where Do I Go, What Do I Do?

By Chauncey | Upland and Away! | 24 Feb 2021

You have lnaded in Upland, somewhere in the metaverse. The metaverse is a confusing place, especially for noobs like me. I am going to share a little about my experience and give you a few quick tips on how to succeed. First of all, I made a lot of mistakes when entering Upland. My initial mistake was just jumping in head first without doing any research on gameplay. It's a shame too, because it is so easy to find in any form of social media.

First of all, like and follow the game on Facebook ( and Twitter ( to stay up to date on gameplay, important promotions and bonuses. For instance, today in Upland, they gave away limited edition NFTs that can used, traded, and sold, to users buying in to the game. The first wave of the promotion only lasted 4 minutes however, due to the popularity of the contest. 

Upland NFT Givewaway 2.24.21

Next, try and connect with the Upland Discord site (server link: This avenue has been the most fruitful for many reasons. It has live Uplanders helping support the game. In addition, it has developers and primaries online to help address/resolve customer issues. Lastly, there is so much great content here including game tips, property ads, promotions, announcements. I got two free NFT today just foir visiting someone's property in San Francisco. 

Once you have made the decision to travel into the Metaverse, make sure to read literature about the game on Discord and also use the "How To Guide" located on the landing page. It contains great advice to start and also graphical displays for people like me who like pictures.


Upload into Upland today and I will see you there!  


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Upland and Away!
Upland and Away!

Upland and away is a cliff notes user guide to the Upland gaming experiences. As I experienced early on, there is a steep learning curve just to get yourself out of Sacramento. Follow me as I will be giving away one of a kind Upland NFTs with each Blog Post!

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