Exclusive UpBots NFT up for grabs

By UpBots | UpBots | 5 Apr 2021

The first ever UpBots NFT

NFTs have been one of the hottest topics circulating the crypto community. So we got in touch with our creative side and decided to create our first NFT. 

The HODLR is the first in our line of UpBots NFTs and is now on Mintable

This gorgeous piece has a little price tag of only $99,000 (roughly 51 ETH) BUT if you don’t happen to have that in your pocket, there’s another way you can obtain it. A much more fun way...

The HODLR - UpBots NFT


Register for the UpBots NFT scavenger hunt here.


Ready for a hunt?

We’re holding a scavenger hunt contest where the winner will receive this NFT as the grand prize. As part of this NFT hunt, you’ll need to solve a series of challenging questions that will test not only your crypto knowledge but also your knowledge of UpBots. 

Answers can be hidden anywhere. Participants will need to dig around throughout the interwebs and look high and low for clues. 

If you think you’ve got the knowledge and swift ability to scour the internet for answers, then come get your entry in. Grab your safari hats and binoculars because it’s NFT hunting season!

In addition, full rights will be transferred to the winner so you can keep, sell, swap, or basically do whatever you wish with it!


How to register

Registration is now LIVE (as of 5th April 2021, 5 PM Zurich/Paris time). To enter you’ll need to fill out the following registration form

Please be aware that registration ends in 72 hours (Wednesday, 5 PM Zurich/Paris time). So get your entry in soon!

Be sure to join our Telegram chat and follow our announcements so you won’t miss any crucial info. You can also ask any needed questions to staff members there too. 

See you all out there! 


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