Bangkok prostitute and escort agency are accepting Bitcoin.

By TheNewDarkTimes | CheCoin News | 3 Nov 2020


A fews times ago, before Craiglist website shutdown ''personal'' categories pages offering prostitution service, following an USA congress bill, it was common to find freelance prostitute...Accepting Bitcoin as payment ! Nowadays, this is even Bangkok escort agencies accepting this cryptocurrency. From various sources, those agencies are not only controlled by Thaï citizens but also by various neighbor countries mafias... To reminder, believe me or not but prostitution is not allowed in Thaïland.

The AMLO (Anti Money Laundering Office) seem to be more and more active since the junta took over the country six years ago. Money laundering is still a big thing in Thaïland paired with the traditional corruption. A lot of people from China still buying anything in real estate with bags full of cash from various illegals activities, as well as the French into drugs used to open various business in the pearl of Andaman, Phuket, to wash their cash by transferring big amount less raising  any alarms from local banks or currency exchange booths. Thaïland is still notorious to host a lot of criminal from any kind. Sea, sex and sun like the popular music title of French Singer Serge Gainsbourg, Thaïland attract a lot of criminals in addition to the local mafia. from the Chinese triad, Yakuza, Middle-East, Russia... They all looking for new solution with their dirty money as long as authorities tighten the screw. Cryptocurrency crime in Asia is on a rise, as UN states in their report, 10 countries of the region account for the $200 million. Police is actively calling on the government to provide regulation on dealing with crypto related crime, to be able to seize wallet full of cryptocurrencies. 


Smooci, a platform created following various aims from locals escort agencies in Thaïland to be able to use a modern platform. Smooci make the booking process easier, also offer to their customers to sign-up for their VIP features (Tracking the girl on the way...) with Bitcoin. The covid epidemic have fully destroyed the nightlife economy since March in most famous hotspot like Phuket, Pattaya and even Bangkok. Some girls recycled themselves as cam-girls on Live-Jasmin and guess what ? They also accepting Bitcoin. 

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Lustcoin was an ICO with the aim to deliver a decentralized marketplace. Not sure of what happened then but it seem it failed, but the promise was awesome :


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