Rising Star: Progress Update and New Card Pack

By Plint | Understandable Crypto | 5 Apr 2022

So last time I updated you all I had just opened the Local Gig Circuit, but wasn't able to do anything there yet. Well I changed that up and in the mean time also was able to buy a new pack!

So in order to be active on the Local Gig Circuit I needed an i6 Midrange Accoustic, which I bought on the marketplace

So I was finally able to get started, but since I don't have enough fans yet beyond the Radio Interview, I must admit I haven't gotten far yet!

The New Pack

I got together the funds to buy a new pack and this is what I opened:

Just my luck to open a Mid Range Accoustic just after I bought one!
It currently goes for about 1500 Starbits, less then what I paid for mine.... Ah well sometimes you get something nice and sometimes not..


I also got this funky rare card, the Sax-A-Boom, I love it, mostly for how colorful it is haha. It currently goes for about 3200 starbits.


Finally, I got Dean, who is not great, currently worth about 500 starbits.

To be honest, I had hoped for a bit more. Got 5200 starbits of value from a 10.000 starbits card pack and didn't get my much needed fans! But better luck next time!

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Understandable Crypto
Understandable Crypto

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