My First Step on Alien Worlds

My First Step on Alien Worlds

By Plint | Understandable Crypto | 27 Oct 2021

In my ever expanding repertoire of trying new things on the blockchain- and hopefully trying to make some profit on the way - I decided to try out alienworlds.


What Is Alienworlds?

Alienworlds is a mining game where you set out to mine alien planets. The tools you have and the spot you mine on determine what you will find on your search through the depths of the world.

The options are to find NFTs, cards that will help your mining rig by increasing the chance to find goodies. These NFT's can also be sold if you already have them or hard cash is what you're after. For the NFTs you need a WAX account so in order to log into alienworlds you need a WAX.
I've written an article on how to get on that here:

The other option is that the mining gives you TLM, the in-game currency. This is in fact far more likely than getting an NFT. How much Trillium (TLM) you receive depends on the rig you use to dig and on the type of land you dig on.

My Review

I've been trying this out for a while now and unlike most thing I try out I would say that if you plan to get started now and don't want to invest your own funds in it, don't bother. It is a lot of grind and work for very little profit. The website is also pretty glitchy, though the last update improved things a bit.

Unless you have a mean mining rig (which costs money) you will take days to grind even 1 TLM together, worth cents. I think people who started early and are now running a profitable rig were fortunate, those of us who start now though will not be.

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