March Earnings of a Small Fish

By Plint | Understandable Crypto | 31 Mar 2022

Do you ever wonder what common people without huge piles of money make in passive income? Well this is the place to be!! I, teacher, currently not investing any of my own money in crypto will show you what I manage to make each month to enlarge my pile of crypto currencies.


February was not my highest earning month, but I did alright. I feel like March was much the same, work was still crazy busy and I didn't always have time to put into crypto. But luckily April will be a lot less busy, so I am looking forward to that!

My March Earnings

Hive: $140,55 Hive remains my number 1 earner, love the platform and the people. Though I didn't manage to write a lot, what I did write earned pretty well! Referral here

Read.Cash: $38,09 Not so much for read this month, but that was all due to my inactivity for almost a week (sorry sorry, offline life got the better of me!) But I feel like I am getting back in the swing of it, so feeling good! Referral here

Noise.Cash: $20 Once a top earner for me, noise seems to be dying down a lot. There is a lot less interaction and the tips seem to be drying up... I really hope Noise recovers because I love that place! Referral here

Celsius: $3,73 Every month I earn a bit more here as I stake more coins. I would really recommend staking if you haven't done so, it is lovely when your money just makes money sitting around. You can use my referral here

Rising Star: $3,63 Was less active than I would like to be, but still got some new cards and added value! Referral here

Cake DeFi: $2,69 A steady earner for the once $50 I invested in it. Now you can get $30 worth of DFI when signing up with a referral code: 348795 is mine if you are interested you can go here: and enter the code when you sign up!

Splinterlands: $1,81 Not a great month but I didn't play much and the cards went down in value. I did get some new cards, so still made a bit of profit. Referral here

Coinbase Earn: $1 It was not so much this time haha, but hey, can't complain about free money! If you don't use it yet do, because free money is nice! Referral here

Total Earnings For March: $ 211,50

I made just a smidge more than in February and considering the stress I had from work I am pretty pleased. I hope April will be better, but I have faith since work should be getting a lot better too!

Then on my goal to get to 0.5 ETH, I got a bit closer again, I am currently at 0.19 for this year!

I hope you had a great March. How did you do and what were your places of revenue?

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Understandable Crypto
Understandable Crypto

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