August Earnings of a Small Fish

August Earnings of a Small Fish

By Plint | Understandable Crypto | 1 Sep 2021

If you ever wonder what common people without huge piles of money make in passive income? Well this is the place to be!! I, teacher, currently not investing any of my own money in crypto will show you what I manage to make each month to enlarge my pile of crypto currencies.

I currently have about $900 in crypto, about $500 of which is my money put into crypto, the rest is earned for free....

9 Ways to Earn Passive Income With Cryptocurrency - Crypto Pro

July had been good to me with a total earning just shy of $150 dollars. Lets see how August went!

Hive Blogging: $155 Things are just looking up and up here on Hive! I keep most of my earnings in Hive Power, but I also take some out every month (about 25%)

Cake DeFi: $51.58 I got into Cake because of their great referral bonus during the olympics: deposit $50 and get $50 worth of their native token DFI. Now you can get $30 worth of DFI when signing up with a referral code: 348795 is mine if you are interested you can go here and enter the code when you sign up!

Noise.Cash: $50.93 Noise Cash is still doing well for me and I am loving it! I take all my profits out and stake them, grow money, grow!

Read.Cash: $43 Things are warming up for me on, I am finding some interesting writers and getting more tips! I am still very reliant on the random rewarder though, but will continue to build and hopefully grow. The $43 dollars are money I took out of, I spent some money giving tips as well.

Reddit Moons: $31.50 I got 126 moons last month, they go for around $0,25 now. I am still considering selling some. Especially now that the community seems to be kind of dying with too much spam and nonsense...

Coinbase Earn: $6 There were two programs this month of $3 each. I would recommend everyone to get an account just for the free earn program, free money, yay! Here is my referral

Celsius: $1.76 I use Celsius to stake a lot of my coins to make some more profit. This was the profit from this month (small fish, small profit) but we are ever increasing! If you want to try it this is my referral

Total for August: $339.77

Crazy! That is double of what I earned in July! Mind you not all this money went straight in my pockets, quite a lot is parked on Hive and in Reddit moons, but it also grew my portfolio quite a lot!

Looking Forward to September

Work has started again, so I hope I can put in the same amount of time, but it will be a lot busier! I hope to keep steaming ahead on hive, noise and!

How has your month been? Have you got any tips for things I should try this month?

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Understandable Crypto

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