Scam article on Medium

Beware scam crypto articles on Medium

By Uncryptic | Uncryptic Crypto | 16 Apr 2024

Beware a new wave of scam crypto articles being published on Medium! These articles are all focused on staking options for different coins and tokens -  here's a BTC one:

Example scam crypto article on Medium

No matter what the coin or token, they then link through to a fake DappRadar site. Anyone staking assets on that fake site will lose whatever they stake, and possibly whatever is in their wallet.

These articles are particularly troubling because:

  • They are well written, I suspect because the scammers have used AI
  • They are ranking highly on Google, as Medium articles tend to do
  • There are a lot of them - covering almost every coin or token you can think of
  • As soon as some are reported and taken down, more are published

There are a few giveaways: most obviously, the author on Medium will be new and will only have published articles in the last day or two.

Also, check the URL for DappRadar before you click through. The correct URL is, and anything else will be a scam. The fake DappRadar sites certainly look legitimate, and offer tempting (but not implausible) staking returns:

Fake DappRadar site

Actually, I find it better not to click on links in articles generally (unless I really trust the author) but to do my own research and make my own way to the destination independently. And from my understanding, the real DappRadar site doesn't even offer staking except for its own RADAR token.

The only other piece advice I have is not to place all your eggs in one basket (by which I mean, all your coins in one wallet). That way, if you are ever the victim of a scam, you can contain the damage and you won't lose everything.

It's ironic, because I remember Publish0x describing itself as "a crypto-powered answer to Medium". Out of the two sites, I've seen far fewer crypto scams on P0x.

Stay safe out there!

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