The Key to Mental Toughness

Learning a new skill is hard! Speculating, trading, and investing in cryptocurrencies is no exception. When learning any new skill it helps to have Resilience and Mental Toughness.

In my training as a Licensed Unbeatable Mind Coach one of the foundational tools we use is the Big Four of Mental Toughness: Breath Control, Positivity, Visualization, & Goal Setting. Recently I was asked, “How important is a positive mindset?”, and after considerable reflection, I am convinced it is the most important of the Big Four Skills of Mental Toughness permeating every facet of a powerful mindset.

On the surface, a positive attitude seems so simple and consequently is often mentioned in a single breath without much further attention. So, when I had the opportunity to hear my mentor, master coach Jim Brault, present on positivity for over an hour I was honestly skeptical. I thought, “How much can there be to it?” While being positive may in fact be simple, it is often not easy. I have come to appreciate the subtlety involved in cultivating and maintaining a positive mindset in large part from that experience. Here is what I learned:

Coach Brault broke positivity down into four parts, P.I.P.I. (or double pi; who doesn’t like pie!?) PIPI is an acronym that stands for Posture, Inner Dialogue, Patterns, and Imagery. Read on for a more detailed explanation of each of these aspects of positivity.

Posture is both a reflection of and an influence on our mental state. By assuming the postures associated with positive mental states: smiling, deep diaphragmatic breathing, postures or power stances, exercising, etc., we can change or body’s chemistry to produce more positive mental states. In other words there is some truth to the statement, “Fake it till you make it!” By assuming a posture associated with a positive mental state our mind will respond to bring us into alignment between our body and mind. For example smiling triggers a neurochemical reaction that produces the chemicals associated with happiness which can in turn lower our heart rate, stress, and increase immunity!

Inner Dialogue: The loudest voice we hear is our own. Manage your self talk! When we cultivate our inner witness we become aware of how we are talking to ourselves. We have tens of thousands of thoughts every day, and we’re not aware of most of them. Once we become aware we can start to choose how we talk to ourselves. Do you say things to yourself that you wouldn’t say to a stranger or loved one? That’s a sign you need to be more positive! Our brains are designed to focus on the negative which was super useful in survival situations, but it doesn’t serve us when we are fixating on negativity. Be intentional about cultivating an inner dialogue filled with gratitude, compassion, and positivity. You got this!

Patterns: Witness the patterns that exist already. Do they support a positive mental state? If not, how can you create new habits that support positivity? We all have routines that we follow, so if we choose to create routines that are filled with positivity we are reinforcing a positive mindset that can overcome any obstacle. These intentional habits become our rituals that support a meaningful and extraordinary life!

Images: Finally, use visualization to push and pull ourselves toward a positive and Unbeatable mindset. A lot of our biology is geared toward vision, so we can use that predisposition to fuel our growth towards being more positive and developing mental toughness. If we can see it, we can be it! Once our mind has envisioned something it will start working subconsciously towards making it reality. Therefore, it is imperative that we are intentional about what we envision for ourselves! In fact it’s so crucial to having an Unbeatable Mind that it is an entire step in the Big Four Skills of Mental Toughness.

This is an outline listing some of the many practices that can be used to support a powerful mindset, and the common thread running throughout is positivity. Think of yourself as a radio amplifying what you are tuned into. Tune in to positivity!

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