I turn on the radio and bad news~

By JunikoPacheco | Un Mundo Para YuLz | 3 Mar 2022

I turn on the radio and bad news~
Two roses were born among the thorns,
a goddess takes pity on these two marias,
painted Of Humanity A Squatting Battalion,
with a god by her side, who gives but does not share life,
those who shine the least lose their lights,
leading this world by unknown routes,
wonderful play, crap board,
I want your tears and your smiles,
I want your blow and your caress,
from so far and so close,
taking solutions in pill form,
Why am I going to listen to you if you are the wound,
pain that does not pass, pain that is not forgotten,
a pain in the chest, a stray bullet,
a confusing story, a thief of lies,
I turn on the radio and bad news,
the world returns to war, against his own family.

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Un Mundo Para YuLz
Un Mundo Para YuLz

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