The Truth about NFT's in Alienworlds

By UltraDec | Alienworlds | 18 Apr 2021

Greetings fellow miners!

I'm sure many of you Alienworlds gamers have seen this image 07b67d1677255698875d2ec40bf6783b085f900be407bc59c97c5199f4bbc966.pngMany of you also probably knew that there are 2 stages for getting an NFT:

  • Stage 1: This is the chance to get an NFT and is equal to the land multiplier*the sum of tool luck
  • Stage 2: Deciding what rarity and type of NFT you will receive

I  was recently informed that there is actually a chance in stage 2 for you to not get any NFT at all. But what really surprised me is that this chance is a whopping 50% (approximately). While this explains what I thought to be misfortune, it certainly came as a surprise to find that it's 2 times as hard to get an NFT as previously thought.

Anyway just thought I'd share this for anyone who didn't know.

Happy mining!

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