The best land to mine on in Alienworlds

By UltraDec | Alienworlds | 17 Apr 2021

In Alienworlds, there are many factors that need to be taken into account when deciding on what land to mine on:

  • Luck
  • Amount of TLM
  • Commission
  • Proof of Work
  • Pot Size
  • Charge Time Multiplier

Naturally, there is no piece of land that is perfect for each, but the best, in my opinion, is on the planet Veles, with coordinates 6:8 bc963b6f8dfef13e20583a88bed395fb35a2d08ce7e4a3299e0213d87f0bf448.png 

While it only provides 1.3 TLM mining power, the owner of this land is charging 0% commission, meaning what you mine is all yours while other landowners take up to 20% of your hard-earned TLM. It also provides high NFT luck, giving a multiplier of 1.8. This is especially high considering the low charge time, only making your time until next mine 50% bigger. The only part where this land is lacking is its Proof of Work reduction. Players on PC can essentially ignore this since most computers can easily do it quickly regardless, however mobile players will find that it makes a significant difference. Either way the other stats are very good so I  recommend this even for mobile players who aren't sure where to mine.


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