The Benefit Of Having A Side Hustle

By Larszig | Larszig | 16 Mar 2021

I am a hobbyist and love making electronic projects. I also do some DIY stuff. In short I am kind of a techy guy. 

My family and friends are fond of me because I am kind of a big help to them when it comes to fixing things particular to electrical and electronic devices.

Only recently I decided to purchase Arduino Uno to upgrade my skills with regards to making circuits and projects with the money I earned for writing and posting articles to Not only that, the rest of the money I earned was used for other expenses like paying bills and for some groceries. 

I felt excited and decided to write more even if some of it doesn't make no sense to others. Only recently I found this which has similar objectives to so I decided to sign up as the site looks promising.

Anyway back to the main topic. Over the years I have been searching for some good source of extra income on the internet. I have tried hard on affiliate marketing but it seemed not my line of business. I have been writing too and creating blogs as I have mentioned in my previous post but it turned out sour as I am not getting any profit out of it. Good thing that the internet is now having this blockchain technology. Cryptocurrency has become part of this new age of the internet. 

Similar platforms like and are great ways to adopt a side hustle. You don’t need to have extra experience in writing, as long as you can write from your heart through your mind, there is more likely that you will earn in this type of side gig.

Right now I am more focused on blogging with these  two mentioned platforms. I have a regular job so I just write during my offs.

There are so many side hustle that can be found on the internet. It is up to you to choose what is best suited to your interest. As for me, I am more confident with writing articles as a source of extra income. Not only that, there are a lot of benefits in writing. It can improve your vocabulary. You will also learn from other writers. Their point of view, culture and tradition.

I don’t hold digital currency because there are more important things with money right now other than holding it. Perhaps in the next few years I will try holding some BCH or ETH for good.

So, what is your side hustle? Have you earned a lot? Does it feel freedom? 

Thanks for some time reading this short post. I don’t really talk about Cryptocurrency as my knowledge about it is very insubstantial.

Until next.

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