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By Larszig | Larszig | 8 Mar 2021


Anyone can tell a good story but not all can write. I have been writing anything that comes into my mind. From dreams to real life situations and experiences. Before I got hooked into blogging, I have been writing all my dreams and I have made one full book containing dreams.

When I was young and free I got interested in reading about the old religion. There was one particular lesson that I have adopted and practiced even today and that was dream writing and interpretation.

I started my passion in blogging as a freestyle writer back in 2010. Unfortunately I haven’t gained any profit from it as it was just all for fun. It lasted for a year and for some reason I have to stop blogging. I got an opportunity working overseas and that blogging has completely gone out of my mind. Even writing my dreams have no longer time to do it.




In 2014, I started blogging again and created a new account with However I can’t find ways to monetize it. I tried writing articles about affiliate marketing but it doesn't seem to turn out right. So I have to stop again and delete the account.

For the last couple of years I have consumed my free time reading and watching videos on how to earn extra money online. Somehow I have found few of them like paid surveys and earned a little but a legit paying site/app. Premise and Bigtoken are examples of them.

Honestly I have also been scammed by some influencers. They called themselves “Freedom Fighters”. They have just taken $35 from me in exchange for their digital products that can be found on YouTube posted by other influencers. I was so noob back then that I only thought of earning a big amount of money but not.

In 2019 there was a blogging social media platform that existed. The platform was a promising social media and was legit. Sadly, their funding's was affected by the pandemic and did not make it to survive. Their funds have been lost and even used their own assets to pay its users until they decided to shut it down. It was the Kiki platform that I have met people with the same interest particular to blogging and photography.

Just as I was looking for another platform to post my articles, I saw this site and I posted there articles from Kiki time, good thing that I have requested a copy of my articles from the admin and they emailed it to me. Somehow my efforts as a freestyle writer have been paid off. The good thing was that this platform has encouraged me to learn about cryptocurrency. As you can see in my previous post I was like a trying hard writer talking about this Bitcoins. I admit that it is not yet my time to write more about this digital coin and Blockchain.

Now I am starting my journey here at I get to familiarize more about what’s with Cryptocurrency particularly trading and investing. Thanks to the experienced authors that post about news and trends about this. It helps me a lot to understand little by little.

I know this site doesn’t want us to write or talk more about Bitcoins or Ethereum. But since this site is a Blockchain based earning site so mostly writers will post about Cryptocurrencies. 

Anyway this was my story of how I learned from my mistakes particular of cashing out money without getting in return. It was a risk by the way and it has taught me a lesson. I have been also trying my best to deliver my content in a very comprehensive manner. With the blogs that I have created and deactivated, there is only one thing I learned and that is to be consistent. 

So far I have earned real money with platforms like this. Some writers motivate me to keep writing with value. Not just for the sake of earning a token and upvotes but to write with good purpose. 

I hope you enjoyed reading this somehow. Even if it’s not about Cryptocurrency. I am open to constructive criticism. It will help us to become better writers. Thanks for the time. 

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